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Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Wireless Surveillance Cameras and its Rapidly Growing Popularity

Wireless surveillance systems are fast growing in popularity. With so much demand these days, is it worth the investment and reliable? Here's some information about wireless security cameras.
Roy D'Silva
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Wireless security cameras are fast gaining popularity. They are chosen above the common house surveillance cameras because they do away with the cluster of wires and are therefore easy to install and administer. They can be used for almost anything, from common home surveillance like keeping an eye on the nanny or adding security to the office or warehouse. Wireless video surveillance camera systems are therefore, much more opted for than wired security systems these days.
The unique selling point of wireless security cameras is that they can be installed almost anywhere and everywhere, and the amount of secrecy is higher due to the non-existence of any kinds of wires. They are made up of a camera with a transmitter fitted inside and a receiver. Other than these, it comes with a 12 volt DC power supply, an antenna and a cable to connect the receiver to the monitoring equipment. Some of these systems come with a recorder and this feature is needed only when the user requires to record the surveillance videos.
The receiver can be connected to a television, computer screen or a VCR. The network between the receiver and the transmitters of wireless surveillance systems are very strong, with the distance between them being anywhere between five hundred feet to ten miles.
Wireless camera systems have receivers which can penetrate up to eight walls, depending on the quality of the camera. Also, these cameras routinely penetrate glass, wood, plastic and other metals. The image quality depends on where the camera is placed.
Sometimes, the camera has to be moved a little for crystal clear image quality. The signal between the receiver and transmitter may be weak if the material it has to transmit the footage through is dense. The receiver must be placed at a higher height than the camera for the best range and image quality. The usage of wireless security devices being better over hardwired security devices is debatable. One of the major reasons is the longevity of the wireless security systems. While hard-wired security systems work long, the wireless security system depends entirely on the transmission strength between the receiver and the transmitter.
Some recent upgraded wireless security cameras have a number of features that make them a good buy. Many of them now have tilt and zoom functions in-built and have up to 4x zoom. When used with a computer, some cameras have advanced MPEG-4 video compression for images with high quality and high frame rate. The video stream can be up to 640x480 resolution. Wireless security systems have an IR filter cut. This allows the users to see the images in either low or no light environment, using the IR lamp. The snapshot feature allows one to take a snapshot and they can also be accessed from remote locations. Some wireless cameras have a special 'security mode' using which the camera can send a short video with a message attached to three to five e-mail addresses simultaneously.
Also, as the technology is in progress, and therefore there are constant upgrades, which results in support and spares and repairing a little difficult as there is a probability of the parts going obsolete.
There are various such cameras available in the market. However, one needs to go through the details and the features throughly. One also has to decide which type of camera they should opt for, depending on their needs and the features of the wireless camera. The internet is a great place to find out more information. Some companies offer their portfolios for free, browsing through which one can get a general idea of the product.
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