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Bamboo Cutting Board Reviews

Bamboo Cutting Board Reviews

You need a cutting board to chop and slice fruits, vegetables and meat and as such it is an invaluable kitchen tool. There are many different varieties of cutting board and one of the most popular is bamboo cutting board. Here we will take a look at the different brands of bamboo cutting boards available and list their pros and cons.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Whether you are a seasoned cook who loves to prepare gourmet food or a novice one, everyone has two to three cutting boards in the kitchen. It is an essential kitchen tool and is used for chopping and slicing fresh produce and meat. There was a time when the only cutting board that you could find was made of a large block of wood. But nowadays, there are a wide variety of cutting boards available which are made with plastic, glass, wood, marble, granite to bamboo. All these cutting boards have their relative merits and demerits and some are suitable for cutting fruits and vegetables and others for poultry and meat.

Bamboo cutting boards are relatively new cutting boards to have hit the market and they are quickly gaining on popularity. Bamboo is an ecofriendly material and bamboo wooden boards are lightweight and sturdy. The best thing about bamboo cutting board is that it is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and you can use the cutting board on the dining table to serve cheeses and sliced prosciutto! It is pleasing to the eye and does not look plain and utilitarian as, say, a plastic cutting board. You can cut any type of food on the cutting board using sharp knives and mallets without splintering the surface. Bamboo is less porous than wood and as such there is a lesser possibility of food juices being absorbed by the board. There is also less tendency of warping and splintering of bamboo chopping boards. Here we are going to present to you some bamboo cutting board reviews that will help you in choosing one for your kitchen.

Best Bamboo Cutting Board

Given below are reviews of bamboo cutting board of the most popular brands that are currently available in the market.

Bamboo Cutting Board Set from Totally Bamboo
If you use two to three cutting boards for cutting different food (as you should), then this bamboo cutting board set from Totally Bamboo is just what you need. It is a three-piece set with one large cutting board, one medium and one small cutting board. It is made with one of the best quality organic bamboo which is Moso bamboo. All the boards are just under an inch in thickness and are incredibly light weight. They are very sturdy and the cross laminated construction of these boards which also comes with a special high temperature adhesive makes it durable and long-lasting. To clean the boards all you need to do is wipe it with a sponge. This set of 3 cutting board from Totally Bamboo is around $20.

Cutting Board with Juice Groove from Trubamboo
This functional cutting board by Trubamboo is a must have in your kitchen. It is a rectangular shaped cutting board with a medium-sized handle and a juice groove. The handle makes it easy for you to lift and move the cutting board from one place to another. There is a small groove that runs along the perimeter of the cutting board. This juice groove is extremely useful for collecting any juices that runs out of meat, fruits or vegetables while cutting or slicing them. This helps in avoiding any spillage into the kitchen counter and saves you time in cleaning it up. Besides having all the features of a regular bamboo cutting board, this cutting board from Trubamboo is stylish and functional. Priced at around $13, this product is good value for money.

Over the Sink Bamboo Cutting Board from Lipper
Sometimes you need to chop and slice huge quantities of vegetables and meat for a dinner party or maybe a family feast. In such cases, a small chopping board is definitely not going to work, and you need something that is a little bit bigger, so that there is enough room to cut and slice them. Choose Over the Sink Bamboo Cutting Board from Lipper for those times. It is a 2 inch thick chopping board with a width of 11.5 inches and a length of 20.5 inches. Its dimensions are such that it can easily fit over the top of the sink. It is scratch resistant and will not warp or swell with moisture. Since the board easily fits over the sink, you can wash the vegetables before chopping them. This bamboo cutting board costs $24.99.

Bamboo Prep-and-Serve Board with Stainless Steel Cups from Pinzon
If you are looking for a multi functional bamboo cutting board, then your search is over. Pinzon has an incredibly versatile Bamboo Prep-and-Serve Board with Stainless Steel Cups, that is every homemaker's dream come true. It is a 2 inch thick bamboo cutting board with a length of 22.6 inches and a width of 16 inches. It comes with three stainless still cups that are affixed on one side of the board and which can be used for holding the chopped and sliced vegetables. The cutting board has a beautiful texture, which is created by laying the end grains in opposite directions. The bamboo is not dyed or treated with stains and is completely natural. It is priced at a steep $110, but you can avail discounts if you purchase it online.

Now that you have read the bamboo cutting board reviews, you can make an informed decision about which cutting board to choose. Opt for a bamboo cutting board over a plastic or glass one and enjoy its benefits for years to come.