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Different Types of Bees in the House and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Bees in House
Bees can be an annoying and dangerous problem in your house. Read this post to know how you can get rid of them.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Polistes Wasps
A bee infestation is a predicament that you can face any time. At such times, you need to know the most effective ways to get rid of them. This article will help you out by telling you some things that you need to know about bees before you go about removing them from your home. So read the information carefully and take the necessary steps.
Which Bees Do What
Did you know that not all bees are harmful to you or your home? Yes, there are different types of bees and not all of them are aggressive. In fact, if you leave them alone, they won't even bother you. So, let's get to know all about bees and then you can decide what to do with them.
Bumble Bees
Bumble bee
Bumble bees are the ones which are larger than other bees and they are characterized with a fuzzy abdomen. They are calm and will not bother you much. They are important for pollination, so think twice about the extermination technique that you'll use for them.
Carpenter Bees
Carpenter Bee
Now these are bees that you should worry about. They look very much like bumble bees, so you might get confused. The slight distinction is that their abdomens are smooth. These bees do not sting, but they are harmful to wood, as they make holes in it.
Yellow Jacket Wasps
Yellow jacket wasps
This is a bee that will sting you just for the fun of it. They don't need to be provoked at all. They are easily identifiable because of their yellow and black bodies. They can be a real nuisance as they make nests in any nook and corner.
Honey bee
Honeybees are responsible for providing us with the delicious and nutritious honey that we eat. They are also gentle insects and do not sting. They just go about their business, pollinating and making honey out of nectar. If you have honey bees in your house, you don't need to worry. But in case you are allergic, get them removed.
How to Get Rid of the Bees
Bees get into corners and spaces between walls or other structures like attics. Getting them out of there can be a tedious task. The first step towards removal of a beehive is spotting the nest. If you've just seen bees flitting in and out, but don't really know where they are living, it's obvious that you need to first find out where they are. Follow the bees as they enter your house. Alternatively, if you have some clue, you can tap the walls and listen closely. If you hear a faint buzzing sound, you've hit the jackpot! Then you can proceed with the following methods to evacuate them.
Vacuum cleaner
For this method, wait until dusk, when the bees return home after a hard day's work and their reflexes won't be up to the mark. One person should agitate the bees in the nest and another should stand with a vacuum close to the opening. As the bees fly out, they'll get sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. Once you're sure that all the bees are out, close the opening with putty and paint over it. This will ensure that they don't come back. Don't try this method if the nest is relatively old and has more bees than you can handle.
Seal Up
Bee house
This is a method that can be used to get rid of carpenter bees. You can get to know if your house has been infested by carpenter bees if the wood appears powdered or if you spot brownish droppings on the walls. What you have to do is, seal the opening of the nest using caulk and putty. The carpenter bees will not even attempt to burrow their way out of the sealing. They'd rather suffocate and die. Strange creatures, aren't they?
Smoke the Area
Smoke area
Just like you may be allergic to bees, they're allergic to smoke of any kind. What you can do is, right below the nest or at the entrance, keep a burning paper. The bees will get irritated with the smoke and leave your home at once. By using this method, you get rid of the bees, but you don't kill them. This noble act will surely count some day.
Soap and Water
Cleaning furniture
Fill a spray can or bottle with a detergent-water solution. Wear protective clothing like a thick coat, pants and gloves. Cover your head and face with a thick cloth and wear protective eyeglasses. Take the solution and drench the entire nest with it. This method kills the bees. Once all the bees are dead, clean up the area and repair it immediately to prevent the recurrence of infestation.
Pest control
Worker spraying at home
Try an extermination spray to remove the bees. Remember to cover yourself completely while doing so. Though one bee can sting only once, if you're dealing with a whole nest, collective stings can inject enough venom to even kill. If you cannot exterminate the bees yourself, hire a professional to do it. Call in for a pest control expert who can remove the bees without killing them. Or call in your local bee keeper. They are the experts in moving and removing bee nests from homes and they'll be glad that you're adding to their collection.
Remember to check with your local authorities, because killing bees is illegal in some places. Before you go about using any method, think of alternatives to just drive them away. They are great pollinating agents and have an important place in the environment. You do have a choice.