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Before Buying a Used Air Compressor

Before Buying a Used Air Compressor

Ever heard of a pneumatic nailer? Well, it is a device that can cause some serious damage and I wouldn't hesitate to defend myself with it if it came down to that! When you come to think of it, all it consists of is plain air―compressed air. Amazing, isn't it? That a certain amount of air coupled with a pump and a nail can actually cause such a powerful force. All this comes about only by using an air compressor.
Natasha Bantwal
Air compressors come in all shapes, abilities, and sizes. The most important thing to consider before going ahead and buying an air compressor is to first determine the maximum CFM that the tools you would be using actually require. Depending on the tool, the CFM requirement would vary. For instance, a framing nailer or a paint sprayer require higher CFM than a trim nailer or a brad gun would.

What are Air Compressors?

To save up on costs, it is now possible to rent or purchase a used air compressor. This is an option for contractors as well as homeowners. Most used compressors function just as well the new devices. These devices are a significant part of any homeowners or contractors budget, and by buying them, you will be able to save up on a lot of money. These have been refurbished, reconditioned, and are then put up on the market. However, in most cases, no kind of guarantee or warranty is made on the device. So, if you are in urgent need of a compressor, then getting yourself a used one would be a good option. These compressors generally have a lifespan of about several hundred hours.

Compressors are usually available for rent at home improvement retailers and hardware stores. So, instead of shelling out thousands of dollars on a new compressor, all you need to do is shop around and you'll find a compressor in absolutely good condition at almost half the price.

Tips to Follow While Purchasing

When you head out to search for one, you are advised to first check for a device with a CFM capacity of 25% or more than you will actually need. The durability of your used compressor is directly proportional to how long your pump will run in order to keep the tool working. Here are a few things to consider before you choose a used compressor:
  • Noise: The first thing to consider is the noise your compressor will make. Higher the rpm of the motor, noisier will your used compressor be.
  • Oil-free Vs. Lubricated: Lubricated compressors require to be regularly serviced. But, they are far more durable because of the servicing they receive and can perform better even in a controlled environment like a garage or outdoors in the winter.
  • Cooling Capacity: Compressors make use of certain cooling fins, which are wrapped around a copper tube that connects the pump and the tank. This keeps the compressor cooler and also increases its life span.
  • Rating CFM Output: A compressor with a CFM that is rated at sea level won't have the same kind of output that another compressor with a rating of 9,000 feet above sea level would have.
  • Air Intake Filters: All compressors have an intake filter that needs to be cleaned or it could reduce the capacity of the pump. The filters need to be changed regularly.
As with any type of equipment, reading the manuals for correct maintenance procedures will keep your tools running in peak condition.