Tips for Buying a Hot Water Heater

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Nov 6, 2018
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There are so many types of water heaters in the market today that it's becoming very confusing to pick one. Here are some tips to help you pick the right water heater for your house.
The market of house appliances is growing every day. The more appliances you look at, the more confused you get. With so many companies and more than a thousand products, picking the best ones for your house is a tough job.
A good water heater is an essential appliance for any house. As the temperature in the US falls well below 0°C, having a water heater for your bathroom is a must.
Buying water heaters can be difficult. From the warranty, brand name, and technology, there are many factors which have to be taken into consideration while purchasing one. Many people say that buying an expensive water heater ensures its warranty and durability for a longer time. While, in some cases, this statement could be true, it isn't always so.


Nowadays, it's really hard to trust anyone's advice when it comes to home appliances. So it's best that you have the basic knowledge of water heaters when purchasing one. Here are some points which will help you to decide the right one for your home.

See if it's Repairable

Make sure the water heater you purchased is fixable if something happens to it. If you find your heater leaking, make sure it's salvageable, or if the water heater has a leaky drain or valve, see whether it can be repaired. Calculate the expenses of maintenance which will occur once your warranty runs out.

Check the Capacity

Most heater ratings will inform you about the capacity. Before buying a heater, always check the hour rating first. The hour rating is the number of gallons of hot water the heater can supply per hour. Calculate how much water you will require on an average working day. Figure out all the things that you need hot water for.
For instance, shaving, showering, washing your hands and face, preparing food, and bathing your children. Once you have figured that out, make sure the first hour rating of the heater exceeds that amount.

Look for Warranty

Most heaters give a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 years of warranty. While many models look the same, there are big differences in every one of them. Heaters with 12 years of warranty have larger heating elements, thicker insulation, and longer rust fighting metal rods. Heaters having longer warranties have better heat transfer than normal water heaters.

Consider Gas Water Heaters

Based on the average fuel costs, it's better to purchase a gas heater rather than an electric one. Gas heaters cost roughly half than most of the electric models. The maintenance of a gas heater is also cheaper compared to an electric one. Tankless water heaters save electricity as they only heat the water you draw out.
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