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Best Time to Buy Washer & Dryer

Best Time to Buy Washer & Dryer

Planning to buy a washer dryer combo? Well, why not wait for the time of year when you can grab the piece at cheaper rates with discounts and exciting deals? Here's more about the same.
Mamta Mule
couple Buying Washer and  Dryer
We often plan well in advance before buying any large home appliance. The washer and dryer is one such appliance which is quite useful and expensive as well. Well, who doesn't want to shop for a better piece at a lesser price! Consumers always look for advertisements to find out if any store or brand is offering heavy discounts, re-sale and exchange offers. Well, there are two ways to shop for such expensive pieces. The first is of course buying it right when you need it and the second is waiting till it is the best time to buy washer & dryer. Well, when you follow the first way, you just grab a piece that fits into your budget. Only if you are lucky, you might get some heavy discount on the appliance, else you end up paying the complete cost. In the second case, you wait for the right time and shop only when you are getting some good discount on the desired product. Well, now you're wondering when to buy them to get the best deals, right? Here are some tips on the same.

Buying the Combo Unit

Start Your Search Early
This simply means that you need to start looking for a new piece soon as you realize that your existing washers and dryers are giving some problems which might turn major after some days. Now this gives you a longer duration of time to search for the best products and also wait till it is the best time and get some heavy discounts.

Holidays and Weekends
As weekends are most convenient days for shopping for most families, sales are much higher on these days as compared to the rest of the days. Also, be it any holiday, you can find many people shopping or at least browsing through shops. Now this is the time when you will find stores displaying banners of exciting offers, discounts and attractive deals as well. Many a time there are combo deals or goodies offered with large appliances which attract consumers. In this case it is good to go for a combo offer only if the second appliance is really essential for you or if you were planning to buy it soon. Same goes for goodies, ask for the details of goodies and if they are not useful for you, just don't fall for the offer. On any national holiday you will find best bargains and exchange offers which are really good to opt for in case your existing piece is enough damaged.

Vacation and End of Season
Long vacations or national holidays which are followed by weekends are definitely the best time of year. You will find major brands declaring discounts on their appliances during this period. When it is a long vacation you actually get more time to browse through a few brand outlets and stores and see where you can get the best deals. Now end of season sales are a 'must mention' when we talk about discounts. Most of the stores sell their stock at heavy discounts and you will find almost every model at a cheaper rate. This is the time to grab the best bargains. A brand showroom, during end of season sales instead of common home appliances stores, is recommended. You will also find many online shopping websites having end of season sales which shower discounts and have the cheapest deals during this sale.

Let me tell you that September and October are the two months which are known to be the best time to buy home appliances as this is the time when stores clear their old stock for launching the latest models. While you buy a washer and dryer or a home appliance at discounts or during the offer period, make sure that you are picking a piece that suits your requirements. Also do not fall for unnecessary offers and make sure you look for a good quality piece before purchasing it.
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