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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bedding

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bedding

Getting rid of fleas in bedding is quite a tough task and require persistent efforts. Read this article to gather some valuable information related to how to get rid of fleas in bedding.
Bidisha Mukherjee
When you have pets in your house, then flea infestation in the house is a common occurrence. At first, fleas attack the pet's body, live on its skin surface to draw out blood from their body. Within a short span of time, they multiply in numbers and the entire house get infested by it. You can find these tiny brown, wingless insects everywhere, particularly in soft fabrics. Fleas prefer to lay their eggs on carpet, bedding, drapery, cushions, etc. Fleas on bedding bites the humans sleeping on them. Red skin bumps when you get up in the morning is the first indication that there are fleas in your bed.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bedding

When it comes to getting rid of fleas from the bedding, you obviously look for safe methods of treatment. This is because the commercial flea repellent sprays available in the market contain harsh chemicals which when comes in contact with human skin can cause harm to them. Here, we have discussed some simple methods that can help you to get rid of fleas naturally:

Vacuum Cleaning
This is an excellent technique mainly because the vacuum cleaner can pick up fleas from some of the most hard to reach hidden corners. Before you start using the vacuum cleaner, put some moth balls into the vacuum cleaner bag for better results. Now, vacuum clean the mattress, box spring, bed seams, headboard, cushions, pillows, rugs, carpet of the bedroom and other soft fabrics thoroughly. Do not forget to vacuum clean your pet's bedding as well because you will find maximum fleas on them. After you have finished the job, detach the vacuum bag from the device, pack it up in a plastic bag and dispose off in a trash can outside the house. This step is a must because the bag may contain live fleas which can attack the bedding all over again. You have to vacuum clean the bedding on a daily basis until you have gotten rid of the fleas completely.

Steam Cleaning
The fleas that are left behind after vacuuming the bedding can be eradicated by steam cleaning. The fleas trapped in the fabrics cannot tolerate the high temperature of the steam and will die. If you have steam cleaner at home, then you can do this task yourself. Otherwise, you have to hire professionals for this purpose.

Washing with Soapy Water
Soapy water destroy adult fleas, larvae as well as the eggs of fleas. Put all the washable items of bedding that include sheets, throw pillows, linens, scatter rugs, blankets into the washer, set it at highest temperature and wash them in hot soapy water for half an hour. If required, you can wash them two or three times. After washing the bedding items thoroughly, put them into the dryer and again set it at a high temperature so that if any fleas are still alive will be killed by the heat. Alternately, you can keep the washed items under the sun for drying so that the heat can kill remaining fleas and larvae.

Homemade Flea Repellent Powder
The main ingredients of this powder are diatomaceous earth, baking soda, cornstarch and a few drops of essential oil. Here, I would like to tell you that you should buy diatomaceous earth which is available in the pet stores as it is safe for the pets and do not use the one which is added in swimming pools. Mix 2 parts of diatomaceous earth with one part each of baking soda and cornstarch and add a few drops of essential oil into the mixture. Sprinkle this powder generously under the bed, cracks, seams and corners of the bed. This powder will dehydrate the fleas and thus they are killed. Let this powder sit on the bedding for the next 2 days and then vacuum those areas.

Borax and Table Salt
These two ingredients used together is an excellent remedy for flea removal. Mix one part of table salt with one part of borax and ground them into a fine powder by putting them in a blender. Use this powder on the mattress, pet bedding, rugs, soft fabrics, bed stand, headboard and so on. When the fleas and their eggs come in contact with this powder, their body becomes dry and weak and eventually die. Allow the powder to sit on the flea infested bedding for a day and then vacuum clean them.

Once you have eradicated fleas from the mattresses and other bedding items, do not allow your flea infested pets to sit on them for the time being. Treat them first as per the guidelines provided by your veterinarian and then you can let them sit anywhere they want to.
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