Choosing the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Choosing the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Are you confused while choosing the best reverse osmosis water filter system for your home from a lot of so many water filter systems in the market? Well, don't you worry, here are some good reviews under this subject which will help you decide your suitable product correctly. Read on...
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Today, around the world, there are many regions and cities which do not have a clean supply of water. Usually, the waters have large amount of impurities and contaminants present in them. Many homes use this fouled water for drinking and performing their daily chores. Thereby, it is obvious, if such polluted water is consumed by humans, ailments and allergies are sure to knock the doors of their homes. It is needless to say, that strict measures are supposed to be undertaken. A homeowner can start with the water purification process, which happens to be the fastest source of cleansing the contamination present in the water. Perhaps installing a whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system would sound rational. This technology is the latest buzz in the water purifier market and thus, by selecting the best reverse osmosis water filter system, you can pick up the opportunity of purifying the soiled water supply to your house in its extreme.

Before choosing the best reverse osmosis water filter for your entire home, it is necessary to know about its benefits and functioning. Installing a water filter system isn't a tough deal, not at least when you already have a water supply line and all you need to do is connect the water filter to it. This way, long before the water reaches your faucets, the polluted water would be filtered already. Then you can use and drink unadulterated- clean water, only with the help of reverse osmosis water filter.

The technology of this system was developed back in the mid 50s by the U.S. government and till date the reverse osmosis a.k.a., RO serves as the most effective water purifier in ordinary homes. It functions the same way as the definition of osmosis defines it. Let's see the details for the same.

Working of the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Sometimes referred to as RO, ultra-filtration or hyper-filtration, it is a water filtration system which uses extreme high pressure, just to force the water to a semipermeable membrane. The one part of this membrane contains all the unprocessed water. It also has raw particles, contaminants, toxins, minerals and chemicals present in them. When the pressure is enforced on this unprocessed water such that it flows through the membrane, the water which is received on the other side is perfectly percolated in nature.

In short, the job of a reverse osmosis water filter system is to only allow pure water to pass through the system and the contaminants which are not able to pass through the membrane are drained away. The purified water has its own small tank storage or many times it is doled out directly to the faucets.

The best part of having a reverse osmosis system installed in your home is to have remove all the dissolved solid and raw particles that obstruct in our regular drinking water. It's needless to say this that drinking water helps our body in many effective ways. Normally, it is suggested that around 8 liters of drinking water must be consumed by a person in one full day. If you drink fresh and clean water, you will fountain a health for years to come. Particularly, if you choose the option of an osmosis water filter system, the benefits are at its peak.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
  • The water filter traps all the raw particles and solid materials.
  • There is an activated carbon filter which traps the organic chlorine and chemical substances. These substances can wither the film composite membrane (TFM/TFC).
  • The optional secondary filter with a small membrane within it, traps all the additional contaminants and sediments.
  • The job of TFM/TFC is to eliminate the particles. Some reverse osmosis systems employ a Cellulose Tri-Acetate membrane (CTA).
  • The optional germicidal ultra-violet lamp facilitates the sterilization of small microbes that manage to escape filtration.
After reading all the benefits of this water filter system, selecting the best reverse osmosis drinking water system seems like an easy job right? Especially, with some of these lucid reverse osmosis water filter reviews I have presented below, you will know what I am talking about.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

Coralife Pure-Flo II Reverse Osmosis Units
The TFC unit present in this system eliminates 99% of raw materials, contaminants, toxins and other impurities. It is wall mountable and doesn't require any separate flush kit. Also has a mixed bed resin de-ionization cartridge and a 4-stage RO/Di unit present in the system which eliminates all the minute additional impurities and gives 99% pure water to use. This canister costs around $149.00 on the market.

Kent Marine HI-S Reverse Osmosis Unit
This is a 3-stage water filter system membrane has the capacity to remove all the heavy metals, nitrate and phosphate substances effectively. It also has a solid carbon block filter and a sediment pre-filter in it. The HI-S reverse osmosis 35 and 60 both have a HI-S membrane and both feature a liquid filled pressure gauge and a TDS monitor (to check the membrane function). In addition, the system includes a garden hose, and 6 ft orange, blue and yellow tubing for better operation. The HI-S 35 G.P.D. unit costs around $230.00 and the HI-S 60 G.P.D. unit costs around $360.00.

Spectrapure 3 Stage MaxPure R.O.
The 3-stage option and additional tubing and saddles literally helps remove the water contaminants efficiently. The best part of this system is, it has 6 different sizes to choose the filter from. The 3-stage unit has 1 micron sediment filter, a high silicate removal reverse osmosis membrane and a high-capacity carbon block pre-filter which removes around 9,000 gallon of chlorine content from the water. The R.O membrane and the sediment filter are confined in a clear acrylic housing. This whole spectrapure water filter system comes with a brass garden hose adapter and if wanted, using tubing and saddles it can be tapped to the existing plumbing. You can purchase this item at $159.00 on the market.

So now tell me, after reading all these reviews, is it going to be hard in choosing the best reverse osmosis water filter for your home and well-being? I hope not. Stay healthy and drink clean water with reverse osmosis water filter and you will save yourself from being prone to all sorts of ailments.