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Different Types of Cake Stands You'd Want to Use NOW

Different Types of Cake Stands
There's a whole plethora of cake stands available in the market today. Made from different materials like glass, iron wire, metal, porcelain, etc., cake stands add the 'oomph' factor to cakes!
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Did You Know?
The world's largest wedding cake was that from New England and weighed 6.818 tons, featuring seven tiers. The cake required two forklift trucks to lift it.
Cakes have been and still are the centerpiece at almost all occasions, right from weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas celebrations, etc. Professional bakers and cake artists keep aiming to create better cake centerpieces to mesmerize guests. Even home bakers are extending their skill sets by getting into more serious baking and decorating.

Well, hours have been spent baking your cake to perfection and then decorating it to the best of your ability. Now, it's time to present your cake. Cakes are presented on cake stands, simply because they add to the final appeal of the cake. They not only add to the cake's beauty in terms of color, but also make the cake appear taller and grander. This d├ęcor item is available in various shapes, sizes, and materials.
Different Kinds of Cake Stands
Cake stands can be classified either on the basis of the number of tiers they have, or the material used to manufacture them. Then again, there are special cake stands made for cupcakes as well. Let's take a closer look at the different types of cakes stands available today.
Based on Number of Tiers
Single Tier
Single tier cake stands
As the name suggests, these cake stands have one tier only. They are mostly used to present simple, single-tiered cakes. However, people even use them to present multi-layered cakes. In such cases, the material chosen must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the cake.
Two Tier
Two tier cake stands
These cake stands hold two separate tiers of cakes. They may be arranged one above the other, or may be at a certain distance from each other. The tiers are mostly connected by dowels.
Three Tier
Three tier cake stands
Traditional wedding cakes are three-tiered and use three-tiered cake stands. As with the two-tiered ones, these are also connected by dowels and may be placed one above the other, or at different angles to improve the aesthetic appeal.
Multi-tier cake stands
People have got tired of having simple three-tiered cakes at their weddings, which is why multi-tiered ones have gained so much popularity. The number of layers vary according to personal preference. Besides weddings, these kinds of stands are also used to present cakes for organizations, company anniversaries, etc.
Based on Material
Various materials like iron, glass, ceramic, metal, etc., are used to manufacture cake stands of all sorts.
Iron Wire Cake Stands
Iron Wire Cake Stands
With wrought iron furniture gaining popularity in the market, iron wire cake stands have also been introduced. Black and white iron cake stands come with pre-made delicate designs, thereby, increasing the overall aesthetic appeal. Since they are lighter and easier to maintain, these stands are being preferred by many.
Glass Cake Stands
Glass Cake Stands
Glass cake stands have always been popular. From transparent glass to colored ones, glass stands are a favorite in many households. They also come in the embossed and ruffle-edged variety, in which there are designs made into the glass for fancier looks. Then there are the covered stands that have dome-shaped covers to cover the cake. However, glass stands are heavy and can be difficult to maintain.
Metal Cake Stands
Metal Cake Stands
Metal stands are loved for their sturdy built and weight-carrying capacity. They are mostly chosen to hoist heavy multi-tiered cakes that need a stable base to stand on. Metal stands are available in the silver- or gold-plated varieties as well, and even in the embossed form.
Porcelain Cake Stands
Porcelain Cake Stands
Porcelain stands come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. They look very appealing and are great for all kinds of simple to grand occasions. They also come in the embossed form and are also great for holding cupcakes for tea parties.
Fancy Stands
Fancy Stands
Some folks are simply bored of having the standard cake stands for their weddings and other occasions, which is why various fancier models have been introduced. While some resemble Cinderella's carriage, others are studded with diamonds or even have a rustic look. Again, made from various materials like glass, metal, ceramic, etc., these cake stands are one of a kind.
How to Improve the Look of Your Cake Stand
Cake stands are expensive, and most of us just own one. Using the same cake stand over and over again for every possible birthday, anniversary, and other occasions can get extremely monotonous. While purchasing a new cake stand is not feasible, improving upon its look to give it a fresh appeal can be carried out. Let's take a look at how this can be achieved.
Match the Occasion
Festive cake stands
Customize your cake stand according to the occasion. If it's Halloween, stick a spider cutout onto it, to increase the festive look. Placing a spider mat under the cupcakes will also increase its appeal. If it's Christmas, surround the cake and stand with lots of holly leaves. You can also decorate the stand with a string of beads, etc. Wrapping your cake with a ribbon of lace will also enhance the overall appeal.
Adorned cake stands
Not always do you need to work on the cake stand to make it look different. Sometimes, adding accessories to its surroundings can add freshness. For example, if you're hosting a tea party, placing a lovely porcelain cup and saucer next to the cake helps accentuate the theme. If it's a wedding, you can place a classic pair of champagne glasses, or lovely votive candles on the table beside the cake. Draping a pearl necklace around the cake stand would also look elegant. Colored ribbons can also be tied onto the cake stand to add some color.
Use your creativity to accentuate the look of your cake. A small touch here and there can change the entire appeal of your cake stand. Purchase a cake stand according to the size of the cake you're preparing. Moreover, check if the stand can handle the weight. All the best!