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3 Types of Cocktail Shakers to Spruce Up Your Bartending Skills

Types of Cocktail Shakers
A cocktail is incomplete without a good shake, for which you need a cocktail shaker. Here, we will acquaint you with the varieties of shakers.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
When to Shake
Use the shaker when you include fruit juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix, egg, dairy, or any other thick or flavorful mixers to make a cocktail.
There are two types of cocktails―those that are shaken and those that are stirred. The only difference between the two methods used to make a cocktail is that one is rigorously shaken to blend the ingredients, while the other is delicately combined by stirring. Shaking creates a cloudy, effervescent look that settles/clears up once the drink is strained. Stirring, on the other hand, is a gentler technique that does not bruise the spirit like it does in shaking.

Giving the cocktail a vigorous shake helps to better incorporate the flavors with the spirits. A good shake of 10 to 15 seconds helps to blend and dilute the ingredients and is reserved for hard-to-blend drinks with creamy ingredients. Besides, using a shaker also involves quicker cooling of the drink before it is actually served.
Cobbler Shaker
Cobbler Shaker
The Cobbler shaker is a three-piece shaker, which is easy to use and makes perfect companions of those who are en route to become master bartenders. It consists of a large metal tumbler, which comes equipped with a built-in strainer and a small metal cap that covers the strainer. The different parts of the shaker are easy to fit together, simplifying the process of muddling up a drink. In addition to serving as a lid, the metal cap is also used to measure spirits for the cocktail.
All you've got to do is measure up the spirits, pour them into the tumbler, add the ice cover, and give it a good shake. Once done, remove the lid, strain the drink into a cocktail glass, and it is ready to serve.
Boston Shaker
Boston Shaker
The Boston shaker is a simple two-piece design consisting of a tempered metal tumbler and a smaller mixing glass made of plastic or glass. As it does not have an inbuilt strainer, a Julep or Hawthorne strainer is required to strain the drink.
Mixing the drink using this shaker is easy. Pour the ingredients into the mixing glass, add the ice, and place the metal container over the glass. Seal shut with a whack. Give it a rigorous shake, and once done, separate the two tumblers from one another after which you can place the strainer over the metal tumbler and pour out the cocktail.
French Shaker
French Shaker
You could well call this shaker a distant cousin of the Cobbler. Do not get fooled by its appearance. The French shaker comes sans the built-in strainer, making it a two-piece device used to shake up drinks. You need to use a Hawthorne or Julep strainer to strain the drink before it can be served.
Use it like you would use the Boston shaker wherein you pour your ingredients along with the ice; give it a shake, and use the strainer to pour out the drink. Although used rarely, the French shakers are slowly gaining popularity.
Cocktail shakers have emerged as a must-have tool for making cocktails. It is good to remember that no matter which type of shaker you choose to complete your bar accessories, ensure it is big enough to hold the ice needed to cool your drink down.