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Little-known But Amazing Facts About Paper Towels

Facts about Paper Towels
A paper towel is also known as a tissue paper, and is made from absorbent paper rather than cloth. This article contains some interesting, amazing, and plain facts pertaining to these type of towels.
Loveleena Rajeev
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
We all use paper towels in the kitchen, toilet, and even when we are down with a cold. They are also used to wipe the grime from our hands! But, have you ever wondered from where they come from, and who thought of making them first? This humble utility has been in use for over a hundred years now.
Facts Related to Paper Towels
  • They are made from paper pulp, which is extracted from wood or fiber crops.
  • They can also be made from virgin, as well as recycled paper pulp.
  • It was first made by Arthur Scott out of a cartload full of rejected toilet paper. He perforated them into small towel-sized sheets, and sold them as the first ever disposable towels.
  • Scott was again the first to introduce these towels for kitchen related applications in 1931. The sample was thirteen inches wide and eighteen inches long.
  • Tissue papers are lightweight, and are made up of multiple layers for better absorption.
  • They are classified as per the key properties, such as strength, absorbency, weight, and thickness.
  • To make them appear whiter, bleach is added during the manufacturing process.
  • They have to be disposed after just one use.
  • These tissue papers are packed individually and sold as stacks, or are held on a continuous roll.
  • There are patterns and shapes often imprinted into the towels to maximize absorption.
  • Most of them are manufactured with two to three layers of thin paper, but some types can have fewer layers.
  • To make them more appealing, these towels sometimes have intricate colored images such as flowers or teddy bears imprinted on them.
  • Colored varieties were introduced about 30 years ago, and are available in two distinct classes; domestic and institutional.
Uses of Paper Towels
  • Wrapping dry food items like bakery products.
  • Wiping the hands dry.
  • Wiping babies bottoms.
  • Fragrant ones are used as facial tissues.
  • Cleaning kitchen counter-tops.
  • Cleaning oil and grime easily.
  • Cleaning and wiping spills.
  • Wiping glass tabletops effectively.
  • Wipe dust off the furniture.
  • Usage as coasters for chilled drinks, as they absorb the moisture dripping from the glass sides.
  • Used by people suffering from cold without the fear of passing on germs, as they are disposable.
Paper towels are one of the most versatile paper products. There are many brands available in the market such as Bounty, Scott, Brawny, and Viva. They all have different absorbent properties. Except for the Viva brand, all have a trademark towel design. 
These towels are considered as an excellent cleaning invention, though their use is subjected to controversies regarding the garbage pollution they create. However, one can also purchase their varieties that are made from recycled paper or pulp.