Mold Removal Tips - Home Remedies for Mold Removal

If your house has been infested by mold, you should take suitable remedial measures to eliminate them. This article will give you helpful tips and home remedies for mold removal. Read on...
Mold is a type of fungus that survives well on any damp surface. The humid weather condition that prevails during monsoons is ideal for infestation of these microscopic organisms. It mostly occurs in those parts of your house that remain wet all the time, like kitchen, bathroom and the basement. It can also grow in your wine cellars, refrigerators or on leather articles. Mold is an annoying problem. It causes damage to the surfaces where it is growing. Moreover, it can be harmful for the health as some people develop allergic reaction on exposure to its spores.

The most important aspect of mold removal is to select the right kind of materials for this job. Here is a list of home remedies that will remove the mold, and also prevent its growth any further:
  • Chlorine bleach can be used for killing toxic black molds. You have to prepare a mixture with one cup of bleach and one gallon of water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray this solution all over those places where mold growth take place.
  • If you are not interested in using harsh chemicals like bleach, then undiluted form of white vinegar can eliminate molds from the bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Application of a solution made of soap and water is another easy and effective treatment. However, it cannot permeate into the deeper surfaces where the actual growth of mold takes place and the mixture is too mild to act as a disinfectant.
  • Alcohol acts as an excellent remedy for mold removal. Soak a cotton ball into alcohol and rub it over the contaminated surfaces. It is mainly used to get rid of the molds that are accumulated on leather items as you cannot apply any harsh chemicals on them.
  • Sunlight is a natural and the safest way to get rid of toxic mold. Simply, place all mold infested household items under the sun for few hours. The heat of the sun will destroy the molds completely.
During reproduction, the mold releases tiny spores into the air, which get stuck on other moist areas of the house and start growing there. Thus, you will find mold growth in various parts of your house. So, you have to first inspect every nook and corner of the house to identify those areas which have been affected by mold growth. The important tips that you must follow while cleaning up the mold are given below:
  • To begin with, you have to protect yourself with proper protective gear, like gloves and face mask to avoid any mold exposure.
  • Remove all the unwanted materials that are kept around the infested area.
  • Keep the room in closed condition, until the molds are cleaned, so that the mold spores do not spread out into other rooms.
  • Spray a bleach solution or vinegar or soapy solution on the affected surface. Then scrub it well with a sponge or brush.
  • Wash off the place thoroughly with clean water. Wipe off with a dry terry cloth to make the place dry.
  • After mold removal, it is very important to apply some disinfectant. You should disinfect the entire room and so, spray disinfectant even on those areas which had no mold.
  • Last, but not the least, put all the things that were used for removing molds in a garbage bag and throw it away after sealing the bag.
As we have already mentioned, moisture plays a key role in the growth of mold. To prevent its recurrence, you should keep the rooms in your house ventilated, to ensure proper circulation of air. You should use air conditioners in hot and humid weather and dehumidifiers when it is cold and humid for keeping the molds at bay.
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