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How to Use Freezer Paper for Making a Wonderful Piece of Craft

Freezer Paper
Freezer paper can be used for much more than just wrapping frozen foods. Find out more about it, in this article.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Are you constantly worried about the hygiene and safety of storing your food in the freezer? A solution to your storing problems is freezer paper. Freezer paper is quite similar to butter paper or wax paper. It is a special kind of paper which has one plain and dull side, while the other side has a glossy sheen to it. This paper, as the name suggests, is used in freezers to store food items.
Using It in the Freezer
As mentioned earlier, the foremost function of freezer paper is to help store food in freezers. It is specially designed to wrap the food and prevent it from coming in direct contact with the ice in the freezer, which could harm the food, take away its nutrients or worse, make it go bad. Given below are the instructions that you must follow in order to ensure that the food you wrap is safely stored.
  • Step # 1: Take the food item that you need to wrap and get a roll of freezer paper from the grocery store or the supermarket.
  • Step # 2: Begin pulling the freezer paper out of the box (which is like a tin foil box) and tear off enough freezer paper on a table to completely wrap the food item that you intent to store in the freezer. In fact, tear out a little more than required.
  • Step # 3: Now, place this paper with its shiny side facing towards the ceiling, This is because the food item has to come in direct contact with the shiny side so that it remains unaffected by the cold in the freezer.
  • Step # 4: Place the food item in the center of the paper. Hold one end of the paper and cover the item with it. If required, put it a little under the item and hold it tightly in place. Now, hold the other end of the paper and pull it over the item. Pull it taut with the item and cover the other side completely. Wrap it tightly so that no air can seep in through any hole.
  • Step # 5: Now, using a tape, seal this wrapping. Next, you must take the other ends and follow the same procedure till the food item is neatly and tightly wrapped with the freezer paper. Your food is safe to be placed into the freezer.
Using It in Crafts
Apart from the storage utility of freezer paper, it is also used as a very popular applique technique in arts and crafts. The smooth and glossy side of the paper is what facilitates this use. Given below is a short tutorial on how you can use this to transform your artwork into something creative and beautiful.
  • Step # 1: To use a freezer paper stencil, you need the following items - freezer paper, fabric, thread, iron pins, needle and thread, and scrap paper
  • Step # 2: Here's how you make a beautiful appliqué design. First take the freezer paper, and trace out the desired design on its dull side. Cut out this design from the paper.
  • Step # 3: Now, take this paper and the piece of fabric that you have chosen. Place the shiny side of the freezer paper on the correct side of the fabric that you intend to use. Take a hot iron and press the freezer paper onto the fabric for just about 3 seconds.
  • Step # 4: You will see that the freezer paper gets stuck to the fabric. Now, cut the fabric in the shape, but much larger than the original tracing that you have made on the paper. Now, separate the fabric from the freezer paper.
  • Step # 5: Now, place the fabric on the table facing downwards. Place the paper cut out in such a way that the shiny side faces up.
  • Step # 6: Now, take one end of the design from the fabric and fold it over the freezer paper and press it with the tip of your iron. Do this until you're sure that the paper and the fabric are stuck together.
  • Step # 7: Continue to do this with the entire design until the fabric is stuck firmly with the freezer paper. Your appliqué is ready to be used in a quilt or a scrapbook or anything that you wish to use it in.
As you can see, freezer paper is one of the best and most useful products, which serves a dual purpose of both storage and crafts. Enjoy your creative streak by using this wonderful paper!