How to Program a Garage Door Opener

Garage opener giving you trouble and you don't know how to go about handling it? The article to follow will elaborate on how to program the same and help you thus.
HomeQuicks Staff
A garage door opener is a motorized device used for opening and closing garage doors. While some of these are controlled by switches on the garage wall themselves, there are others which are controlled by a remote control. We will deal with the programming of those door openers which are controlled by a remote control. The task is not too complicated and can be easily done. Go through the following sections to know how.
Step 1 - The Origins of the Remote
To begin with, you will have to locate the spot at which the antenna is attached to the garage door opener motor. Next, find the learn button, or a set of switches. Once you find these, you may need to remove the lens cover from the motor head. In case you cannot find the antenna, check if there is a wall mounted external receiver that comes with a removable cover.
Step 2 - Start Programming
If you are programming the opener with the help of the learn function--push the button on the motor. There is a 30 second time limit after which the light turns on and glows steadily. Once this is done, press the corresponding button on the remote. Continue to hold the button till the motor light starts blinking instead of being stable, after which, release it.
Step 3 - Switch Opener
In case yours is a switch type opener, take the cover off the motor unit or the wall mounted receiver--you will find a lot of switches, usually 8, 9, or 12 in number, which have been placed in 2 or 3 positions each.
Step 4 - Location of Switches
Next, you will need to open the battery cover of the remote and locate the switches. For instance, "Open = Off / Closed = On". Set every switch of the remote to the exact one on the same position on the motor. You will need a small screw driver to move the switches.
Close the battery cover and then you will need to test the opener. If the programming has been done correctly and the switches are matching, it will work. In case it doesn't, consulting a professional is the best option.