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Handy Homemade Rust Remover to Save Your Precious Metals

Homemade Rust Remover
Any item made of iron is prone to rusting. Although there are many products available in the market for getting rid of rust, making your own homemade rust remover is not difficult. Simple household ingredients will assist you in this task.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Basically, rust is iron oxide which is formed when iron reacts with atmospheric oxygen. The reaction occurs when moisture is present in the air. Rust has a tendency to erode the iron. It can even cause damage to other materials in its surroundings. For instance, if rust is formed on the plumbing pipes of your home, it can erode the piping material so much that a hole is created in it. The water coming out of this pipe often becomes rusty. As a result, reddish-brown or dark red stains can be found on those surfaces where the water flows.
Effective Homemade Rust Removers
There are several types of rust removers and cleaning products available in the market, under various brand names which are expensive and can be as toxic as the rust itself. Therefore, instead of spending money on those pricey products, it is better to use some homemade solutions for rust removal. You just need some common household items for the preparation of rust removers.
One of the most effective rust remover is lime. Squeeze out two to three limes into a small container. Clean the rusted item with a cloth and then apply the lime juice over it. Leave the rusted item for ten to fifteen minutes and then scrub it out with a piece of soft cloth or rag.
Tomato ketchup and washing soda when used together can remove rust. It cleans up the rust accumulated on metal furniture quite easily. Take washing soda in a spray bottle and spray it generously over the rust. Similarly, pour some tomato ketchup in another spray bottle and spread it on those areas where washing soda has been applied. Keep the solution on the furniture for at least 2 hours and then wash it off with warm water. Let it dry up completely before you use the furniture all over again.
Borax acts as an excellent rust remover. It is mostly combined with other substances to prepare an effective homemade rust remover. In a clean bowl, mix one-quarter cup of borax, one tsp. cream of tartar, and sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide to prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on the rust spots in the form of a uniform thick layer. Keep it untouched for half an hour or so. Then wipe it off by rubbing a damp sponge and you will find the rust is gone.
Alternatively, you can use borax along with lemon juice. Add one-fourth cup of borax and half cup of lemon juice in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients well to make a thick solution. Pour the solution on the rusted surface evenly and leave it like that for about half an hour. Finally, wipe it out with a rag and you will get a rust-free surface. The best part of borax as a rust remover is that it is not harsh on the surface where it is used. If you do not have borax at home, you can use baking soda.
These homemade rust removers can be used for metals, plastic, and clothing materials. After the first application, if some of the rust stains are left behind, then repeat the treatment once or twice. The ingredients used for rust removal are absolutely safe for the kids and pets living in the house. However, while handling them, you should wear gloves as some of the components can irritate the skin.