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How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

A spot of nail color on your beautiful carpet is really an ugly sight. In this article, we have addressed the issue of how to get nail polish out of carpet. Read on to know more.
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Spilling of nail polish on carpet is a common occurrence when you are giving yourself a home manicure. Such an incident upsets us a lot and we wonder how to get the polish out without causing any kind of damage to the carpet. There is no doubt about the fact that the stain is a very stubborn one. But, it is not an impossible task to clean the nail polish as many of us think. Stain removal can be done very easily if tackled in the correct way.

You must be feeling great when you look at the color on your nails, but you do not get the same feeling when you see it on your precious carpet. If you are thinking of hiring a professional for carpet cleaning, I would advise to discard the idea. Just follow the simple techniques given below, and I am sure you will be successful in removing the nail polish stains.

Use of Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is a substance which is specifically designed to remove nail polish from your nails, and its use is one of the best ways to get the polish out of a carpet. Non-acetone based removers are ideal for this purpose, as acetone can lead to fading of colors on the carpet. Prior to application of the remover on the stain, you must test it at any hidden corner of your room to check if it is suitable for your carpet. Once you are confirmed that it is fit for your carpet, put some paper towels below the carpet in the area where the remover needs to be applied. This is because the extra remover will get absorbed into the padding below the carpet and may lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Pour some remover into a paper towel, a cotton ball, or a clean piece of cloth and then apply it on the affected area. During application, put some pressure with the paper towel so that all the polish is squeezed out of the carpet. Do not rub the towel on the carpet, as it can damage its fabric. You have to continue doing this till the polish begins to come off. Once the stain is completely removed, place some paper towels on the spot so that all the remover get absorbed into it. Then, wash the area with the help of soap and water to get rid of the remover. Put some paper towels on it to dry out the surface completely. This method will be very effective, particularly so if you try it out just after the spill. If it is a very old mark, then it may not give the desired results.

Use of Home-Based Chemicals

Many people prefer to use hydrogen peroxide instead of nail polish remover, as hydrogen peroxide is a mild solvent compared to any nail polish remover. Therefore, it can be used even on a carpet with light colors and those which are not colorfast. However, to be on the safer side, you should test it on an inconspicuous area before you apply it on the carpet. If possible, blot out some of the spills using a paper towel before you apply the hydrogen peroxide. Then, using a small piece of cloth, draw out the polish from the carpet. If it is an old stain and the carpet is a colorfast one, you can apply some water first and then apply the hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda can also be used for removing the stain from the carpet, as it will cause the least damage. Apply baking soda generously on the stain and rub it gently to spread it properly. Then, vacuum it with the help of a vacuum cleaner. You will find that the stain disappears.

If the stain is so stubborn that all these substances fail to clean it, then you have to use some harsh substances, like alcohol or hair spray. Application of these substances for carpet stain removal may lead to wearing down of the carpet fabric.
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