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How to Change a Watch Battery

How to Change a Watch Battery

Changing a watch battery is not rocket science, in fact it is easy and is done within no time. Find out in this article how to replace a watch battery.
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For expensive and antique watches it is always advisable to get it repaired or changing of the battery to be done by a professional, not that you can't do it, but you don't want to run a risk. For all other kind of watches you can do it all by yourself. Now, the most common thing you ought to know is that, normally all wrist watches use the common battery which is 377. However a large range of watches use batteries which vary in size and their power (voltage). Importantly you ought to know, what kind of battery is being used in your watch. If you are unaware, get the watch manual out that you got on the purchase of your watch and find out exactly the battery size and type. Once you are done with that, find out in the next section how to change a watch battery.

How to Replace a Watch Battery

Step# 1
The very first step is to find out the battery type and purchase the same from a trusted dealer of course. Now, you have to examine the back of the watch to find the type of watch back.

Step# 2
Usually there are two main types of watch backs, the first type is called the snap back, which can be easily removed by inserting a blunt knife into the notch of the watch back and twist, so that the case back pops out. The other type is the screw back, in this case you have to simply unscrew the watch back that is, you have to rotate it anticlockwise. Of course there are specialist tools to make the job easy but, in all other cases you can do it normally as well.

Step# 3
Once you have identified with your watch back type, help yourself and remove the case back. Now, don't get excited and pull out the battery, check how the battery was placed, since you have to place the new battery in the same manner.

Step# 4
Now, again the placement of battery is done in two ways, in the case of the first one, the battery is protected by small metal clips, that holds the battery tightly. Therefore, you have to gently move them and get the battery out with the help of tweezers or any sharp-pointed object. In the second type, the battery does not have those small metal clips to hold them and hence, can be removed easily.

Step# 5
Finally, inserted the new battery in the watch. Clamp the small metal clips in case they are there and then snap the back case of the watch. Press it tightly and make sure that it is lined in properly.

Step# 6
Reset the watch and make sure it is working. Wipe the watch gently with a cotton ball to get rid of the fingerprints, if any.

Tips and Tricks to Replace the Battery Efficiently
  • While you are on battery change operation, wear gloves to avoid those fingerprints or scratches (in case of long nails) on the watch.
  • Make sure you buy an authentic battery from a trusted and authorized dealer, because a lot of cheap and duplicate batteries look exactly similar.
  • Always place a sheet of paper, while carrying out the battery change operation so that you can easily find the small components of the watch you have just disassembled.
  • It is advisable to use specialized tools to disassemble the watch, it will only ensure the safety of your watch.
  • In case of a bejeweled, expensive or antique watch let the professional do their jobs, as any minor mistake can mess up your watch.
So, how to change a watch battery should not be a problem any more, right? If your watch stops ticking, showing the incorrect time or simply runs slow, you know it is time to change the battery!
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