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How to Clean Neon Signs

Neon signs are found in small shops and commercial spaces. Keeping them clean is essential to keep them looking bright and clearly visible. Here are some tips to clean the neon signs.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018
Neon signs when light up look flashy enough to attract your attention. These are known to be the best elements for attracting and reaching consumers. Their bright and flashy effect makes them a favorite pick of many designers for jazzing up the commercial spaces.
Be it wordings or symbols, neon signs are the best eye catchers and amongst the most popular tools in the advertising industry. But these signs need to be taken care of and maintained well. Let me tell you that the right maintenance can keep these signs in a good condition for years.
Cleaning the neon sings is one of the primary part of the maintenance project. Well, these signs need to be handled with care. So, let us learn how to clean neon signs and make them bright and more flashy.
Tips on Cleaning Neon Signs
Dusting Dust
These signs often get dusty and are left ignored. As time passes, dust keeps collecting on the signs and forms a thick layer which can be really difficult to be cleaned. Moreover, dusty signs do not look bright after being light up and collected dust often hinders their clear visibility from a distance.
Well, cleaning the signs at regular intervals will avoid formation of layers of dust on them. All you need to do for keeping them dust-free is get a dry brush and dust them. Here's how.
Firstly, switch off and unplug the neon sign. Now take a soft nylon brush with long bristles and slowly wipe off the dust from each part of the neon lights. You can also use an old pair of socks for cleaning the neon sign. Be slow and careful while you perform this task.
Cleaning Stains
If the neon sign has light stains, you can remove them using a cloth dampened with plain water. If the stains are tough they might not be cleaned using cloth dampened with water. You need to dampen the cloth or a sock in an ammonia based cleaning solution. This can help you thoroughly clear off the stains and leave the sign dust-free.
Buying commercial cleaners that are specially formulated for the signs is also a good idea if stains are old or tough. This method is also recommended for cleaning stains on the signs that are coated with paints. But in this case you need to be careful so as to just dampen the cloth and not wet it with the solution.
Also make sure test check a corner of painted sign first if you are using a strong cleaning solution. Care needs to be taken in this case as the paint might loosen and peel off due to the solution.
It is essential that you know how to take care of the signs while cleaning them. No matter whether you are just dusting or wet cleaning, make sure that you first switch off the neon sign, unplug it and than proceed with the task. Also, you need to be slow and work carefully to avoid breakage while cleaning the signs.
The brush or sock might get tangled in wires around the sign. Hence, holding the wires aside with a small wooden stick while cleaning the neon lights is a good idea. Neon signs often develop hairline or major cracks. It is essential that you check for cracks and damages before using damp cloth or sock on the same and starting the cleaning process.
In case you notice any such problem first consider to repair the neon sign by calling a professional. While cleaning the signs, make sure that you dust the brush on a flat surface and change the sock at regular intervals. This will ensure that the cleaning tools stay dirt free and the signs are cleaned faster and better.