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How to Kill Ants

How to Kill Ants
Pesticides and commercial sprays smell bad and also prove deleterious to household pets. Various household products can be used to get rid of the ant population in the house and in the backyard.
Priya Johnson
An ongoing infestation of ants is no joke. Trails of black, red, or fire ants can be quite distressing as well as embarrassing. Stepping on a trail and having red ants all over your feet, with stinging bites to follow is one of the most agonizing times one can go through.
Moreover, if you have toddlers or older children playing in the house, you definitely do not want them around. So, it's best to equip yourself with measures to get rid of them. Pesticides and commercial sprays are available, however, their stench and other side effects (harmful to pets) may encourage you to look for more natural ways to get rid of them.
How to Kill Ants with Household Products
The best way to kill ants is by pouring hot water onto the anthill and their trail. However, if you find this too dangerous, then you could try some of the methods mentioned below.
Borax and Boric acid
Mix some borax with sugar such that the borax does not react quickly, thereby giving the ants enough time for them to take the food home and share it with their families. The ants will eat it and die. You can also add some boric acid to the ant's trail.
Did you know cornmeal could be used as a weapon to destroy ants? When the ant eats some cornmeal and drinks water, the cornmeal ingested swells inside its body, causing the digestive organs to swell up, burst, and ultimately kill the ant. Since cornmeal is not deleterious to humans and pets, it is a safe remedial measure.
Soap Water Spray
Ants die when brought in contact to soap and water. In a spray bottle, mix some soap solution and water and spray it on the ant trail. You can even pour the solution on the anthill. The ants will drown and die in the soap water. However, if the ant hill is inside the house, make sure nobody walks on the slippery floor.
Pipe Tobacco
Ants can prove to be a pain in your vegetable garden. In order to kill ants outside the house i.e in the garden or backyard, one can use the pipe tobacco treatments. You need to take some tobacco and make tea with it. Don't forget to use gloves while handling it. Now, discard the wet tobacco and pour the solution on the anthill and ant trails. The ants will die.
Honey and Borax Powder
In a jar, place some honey and borax powder. Place the jar near the anthill and allow the ants to make their way to the sweet, luring solution. The ants will follow the sweet scent and try to climb into the jar to have their fill. However, they will have a tough time climbing out. Moreover, even if they manage to climb out, the borax will work its way into their bodies and eventually kill them.
To prevent ants from returning, make sure you have no food lying around on the floor or countertops. Wipe down all the surfaces clean with some mild bleach or vinegar solution, and keep the sink clean. Regularly sweep and mop the house. Place sweets and other savories in air-tight containers. Cleanliness is the best way to keep ants at bay.
Honey Jar and Borax Powder
Spray Bottle