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Mold Remediation Cost

Mold Remediation Cost
You need to hire trained mold remediation experts in order to eliminate severe mold infestation in your house. This article provides some information about the cost of mold remediation projects.
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It is advisable to hire professionals from companies that follow IICRC Mold Remediation S502 Guidelines.

Usually, mold infestations are found on the damp and moist parts of our homes, especially during the rainy months of the year. Apart from causing health problems, such infestations can gravely damage the house structure, if left untreated for a long time. Mold growth is often seen on the drywall, flooring, bathroom tiles, basement, etc. Minor infestations can be removed using a scrub brush and a mold killer that can be bought from stores. You need to wear rubber gloves and a mask while cleaning areas with mold infestation. In order to eliminate severe mold infestation in large areas, you need to hire professionals. The extent of infestation is one of the major factors that determine the mold remediation cost.
▶ Cost Breakdown
The total cost of mold remediation may range between $500 to $30,000.
Inspection: It is always helpful to get the structure inspected to know whether mold remediation is necessary or not. It is suggested that you get the inspection done by a certified mold inspector. The inspector conducts a thorough examination of areas which are likely to get affected, and checks the humidity conditions and other such aspects. For professional mold inspection, you may need to spend somewhere around $200 to $600. However, for larger homes, the cost can exceed $900. Some reputed mold removal agencies may provide this service free of cost.
Remediation: The remediation cost depends on the approach taken. Given below are a few methods used by mold remediation experts.
  • Wet Vacuums: These are vacuum cleaners that are designed for collecting water that is deposited on surfaces.
  • Damp Wipe: This is a method of removal of mold by wiping, scrubbing, or by using a mixture of water and detergent.
  • High-efficiency Particulate Air Vacuum (HEPA): Use of these machines having powerful suctions and filters can help remove mold from dry areas.
  • Removal of Infested Material: When the mold infestation is beyond cleaning, then the infested parts are removed, sealed, and disposed properly.
  • Dry Ice Blasting: This method is used to remove mold from wooden or cement surfaces. Soda blasting and media blasting are the other methods used for removing mold.
Extent of Infestation: The most important determinant of mold remediation cost is the area that needs to be treated. If the area is pretty large, professional mold removal services would demand more. It may cost around $500 to $4,000, in order to get rid of mold from an average crawlspace. If the mold infestation has spread to other parts such as the walls, attics, ducts, etc., the remediation cost may range between $2000 to $6,000. In case of structural damage, expenses can be around $10,000 to $30,000.
When thinking of the expenses, you need to keep in mind that a major part of the cost includes labor charges that may vary from one locality to another. Therefore, the total cost of mold remediation may also vary depending on factors such as location, extent of infestation, etc. The cost also depends on what sophisticated equipment is used in the remediation process. While estimating approximate costs, you need to consider additional expenses such as plumbing work, drainage system repair, and similar other tasks.
Check out the service providers in your neighborhood and compare their prices and services. You can also ask for referrals from friends and colleagues.
Please note that the figures mentioned in this article are only cost estimates, and the actual prices may differ depending on various situational factors.
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