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How to Kill Spiders

How to Kill Pesky Spiders in 4 Natural Ways

Looking for information on how to kill spiders at home? This article helps with some effective ways for getting rid of those pestering spider webs from the corners and ceilings of the house.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Spiders are a nuisance to every home and office. With more than 35,000 known species, they are very diverse in terms of size and color. However, you can easily recognize them from their 4 pairs of legs, which is not seen in other insects (most have 3 leg pairs). Though they usually do not bite people (except for a few species), their webs give a dingy appearance to the interiors of the room.
In most cases, garden spiders or those outdoors are included as a beneficial organism for biological pest control as they consume and help eliminate common pests. Even indoors, they are effective to catch insects ranging from ants to mosquitoes. Nevertheless, the unsightly webs outweigh the benefits of this arachnid in controlling other pests.
Some Natural Ways
Among the several types of spiders, the most common species that enter our house are wolf spider, sac spider, cellar spider, and house spider. Taken at a glance, these arachnids are omnipresent; you can find them inside the car, roaming around the house, in the roofs or corners of the room, and in the gardens. Here are some effective tips to kill them naturally, which you can follow:
Look for Hiding Place: In order to kill them at home, first understand their dwelling sites. They prefer clutters and build their webs in warm and dark areas, such as air vents, wall cracks, closets, cellars, basements, etc. Take a note of their specific hiding places, so that you can control them effectively. Seal the cracks in the basements and walls (if any), before you try other ways to get rid of them.
Keep the House Clean: As a part of the routine house cleaning, you can clean up the areas that are susceptible to spider infestation. If possible, vacuum the spiders at the spot to kill them. Do not forget that they prefer spinning their webs on clutters or things that are placed in an disorderly manner. So, make sure you remove these as much as possible.
Use Diatomaceous Earth: Whether you want to kill them in the basements or other infestation sites, consider using diatomaceous earth (diatomite). It is an mild yet effectual siliceous substance, sold in the market as a white powdery form. You can use this powder in your car or closets. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in all the spider dwelling places, as well as around the house to control them.
Apply Vinegar or Essential Oil: Another way to kill them is by using rubbing alcohol or vinegar sprays. You can fill any of this solution in a spray bottle. When you notice any spider crawling on the floor, spray a heavy dose of the liquid. The solution will stun the spider for a few minutes, so that you have enough time to smash it. Other than alcohols, essential oils like rosemary, citrus, and cinnamon oil are believed to be effective in killing them.
Make your house inaccessible to bugs that act as spider food. In case of heavy spider infestations, you can use chemical sprays that are formulated to kill them. However, apply them as the last resort, when eco-friendly tips fail to show effective results. It is not recommended to extinguish spiders outside until and unless they are poisonous. After all, these creepy crawlers help in keeping control over other pests around the house.
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