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Whole House Humidifier Reviews

Whole House Humidifier Reviews

There are certain things you need to consider when buying a humidifier. In this following HomeQuicks article, we will give you a list of the best whole house humidifier reviews, as well as tips for selecting the best humidifier for your house.
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Keep in Mind
Check the hard-water scores of the house before making a purchase. The minerals present in the water can lower the performance of the humidifier by causing a scale buildup.

Humidifiers are used for an array of reasons that usually, but not exclusively, center around health. A humidifier works by introducing humidity in the house and thereby preventing the onset of health problems like sore throat, cracked skin, and itchy eyes that are further aggravated by a lack of moisture in the air. Other than these benefits, a humidifier also helps in reducing static electricity, preventing peeling wallpaper, and curbing cracks in paint and furniture.

There are varied types of humidifiers available in the market today which include providing moisture to single rooms as well as to the whole house. A whole-house humidifier (also known as a console humidifier) is a great choice to make because it lends moisture and humidity to several rooms at once. And because this type of humidifier comes with a bigger tank, it requires less refills than a tabletop model.

In the following sections of this HomeQuicks article, we will look into some of the best models of whole-house humidifiers that are available in the market today.

Best Whole House Humidifiers

Aprilaire 700M Humidifier
Whole House w/ Manual Control, .75 Gallons/hour

  • Built to operate in tightly-constructed houses up to 4,200 square feet
  • Delivers up to 50% more moisture than competitive units
  • Has an evaporation rate of .75 gallons per hour, one of the highest in the industry 
  • Humidifier Dimensions: Width 15 29/32" x Height 18" x Depth 10 11/32"
  • Plenum Opening: 14 3/4" W x 14 5/16" H
  • Water Feed Rate: 6 gph
  • Electrical Data: 120 VAC-60 Hz, 0.8 AMP
Price: $229.99

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty (if professionally installed)
  • The filter should be changed once every year (more often if you live in extremely dry climate or get hard water)

Essick Air EP9-500 Whole House Digital Humidifier

  • Digital humidistat automatically maintains your desired humidity level with digital accuracy
  • Easy Front Fill Pour-In Design - no tanks to carry
  • Desired humidity can be set between 25% and 65% in 5% increments (continuous always-on mode when set to 65%)
  • 9 fan speeds allows you to select your ideal performance level
  • Refill indicator lets you know when humidifier needs refilling
  • Check filter reminder
  • Automatically shuts off when desired humidity level is reached or when unit is empty
  • Automatic dry-out mode reduces bacteria growth on filter
  • Absolutely No White Dust: Super-Wick traps all minerals and impurities from the water, delivering 100% clean and invisible evaporated moisture
  • Easy-roll casters for portability from room to room as needed
  • Humidifier Type: Cool mist evaporative
  • Daily Output: up to 9 gallons
  • Room Size: up to 2,000 sq ft
  • Unit Capacity: 3.5 gallons
  • Fan Speeds: 9
  • Dimensions: 17.6" x 17.6" x 27.5" H
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Decibel Levels: 40-65 dB
  • Power Cord Length: 65"
  • Power: 120 V / 60 Hz; 1.94 Amps, 135 Watts, ETL Listed 
Price: $145.99

  • One-year limited warranty (2 years on motor)
  • Comes with a replacement wick

Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier

  • Powered flow-through humidifier
  • Delivers up to 18 gallons of moisture into the air each day
  • Easy mounting on either warm air supply or return air duct of any forced-air furnace
  • Flow-through design helps keep unit clean and decreases the frequency of maintenance
  • Installation kit required (sold separately)
  • Easy installation and best choice for variable speed and multi-stage systems in homes up to 4,200 square feet
  • Height: 14
  • Width: 10.25
  • Depth: 15.25 
Price: $209.95

  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty
  • Cleaning the system every 1 to 3 months to prevent mold, mineral, and microorganism buildup is recommended

Aprilaire 400M Humidifier
24V Whole House w/ Manual Control, 0.7 Gallons/hr

• Features Manual Control
• Has an evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour
• Humidifies tightly-constructed homes up to a 4,000 square foot in size
• Needs no drain panel uses 100 percent of humidifier water
• Eliminates standing water, making it the perfect choice for homes with septic systems, locations where a floor drain is not available or families interested in water conservation

  • Sq. Ft. Area (air changes/hr.): 1,000 loose house (2) / 2,000 avg. house (1) / 4,000 tight house (1/2)
  • Unit Size (inches): 15-3/8W x 15-3/4H x 10-1/4D 6" dia. round opening
  • Plenum Opening (inches): 10W x 12-3/4H
  • Water Evap Rate: 0.70 gph
  • Water Feed Rate: N/A
  • Electrical Data: 24V-60Hz 0.5 AMP
Price: $164.99

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty (if professionally installed)
  • The water panel should be replaced once a year during regular use, and every six months during extreme use.

Essick Air H12-400HB
3-Speed Whole House Evaporative Console Humidifier

  • Disperses 12 gallons of moisture per day to humidify up to 2,500 square feet.
  • Contains 4-speed control knob to find the right humidification speed and noise level for your environment.
  • Nighttime setting for quieter humidification while you rest.
  • Set your desired humidity level using the manual humidistat. The humidifier will automatically cycle on and off to maintain your humidity level with the help of the built-in hygrometer.
  • The 5-gallon water reservoir removes easily for no-hassle refilling.
  • Refill indicator will automatically illuminate to let you know it's time to refill the reservoir. Use the convenient refilling hose to refill.
  • Evaporative wick filter retains mineral deposits, white dust, and any other dissolved or suspended solids from the water to ensure that only clean, moist air is dispersed.
  • An optional AirCare filter (sold separately) cleans the air and helps absorb odors while you humidify.
  • Automatically shuts off when it's time to refill and when your desired humidity level is reached for your convenience.
  • Easily move the mini-console humidifier from spot to spot using the smooth-rolling casters.
  • The Lift-out power pack ensures safe and easy maintenance during refills.
  • Width: 21.75
  • Height: 23.5
  • Depth: 13.75
Price: $131.78

  • 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor and 2 year warranty on internal motor
  • Replace the 1045 wick once to twice a season
  • Clean the base and tank bi-weekly (for regular use)

Tips for Buying
► Make sure that the unit's size is compatible to your house's square foot area; the best ones are those that come between an output rating which is between 1.5 to 10 gallons for each day, which covers your whole house without consuming too much energy.

► Go for a humidifier which can be installed near your central heating or air conditioning duct work.

► You can also ask for specific humidifiers which can work in conjunction with the baseboard radiators, in case you don't have central air conditioning.

► You can select a humidifier according to the maintenance budget. Drum humidifier systems are the cheapest ones, but need consistent cleaning for the prevention of mold, as they can cause respiratory health problems.

► Another good option is the flow-through air humidifiers which have a system where the moisture is created by blowing the air from a foam pad.

► The most expensive humidifiers are the spray mist types, which need the least maintenance.

► In case you don't have air conditioning or a heater system, opt for whole house steam humidifiers, as these are the healthiest and have the ability to kill bacteria.

Whenever buying any humidifier, make sure that the replacement parts are easily available and are not very expensive. With all the details that have been provided for, it will become easier for you to select the best humidifier which suits your home perfectly well, and enjoy the benefits of the same.