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How to Open a Wine Bottle

Here's How to Open a Wine Bottle in 3 Unconventional Ways

Opening a wine bottle, especially in front of special guests, can test your patience. It can get quite embarrassing when done wrong. This article takes you through the correct procedure of using a corkscrew, as well as some other unconventional ways of opening a cork stopper.
Leena Palande
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
We've all experienced trying to open a stubborn wine bottle. It's worse when people are watching, shaking their heads while you clumsily get the cork out. Opening a bottle of wine requires skill and knowledge of the exact method, as well as a little practice.
With a Corkscrew
A corkscrew is the best equipment or wine accessory to be used to open a bottle with a cork stopper.
  • With the help of the sharp point of the corkscrew, remove the foil of the bottle.
  • Keep the bottle on a hard surface, just below your chest. Now place the corkscrew vertically straight on top of the cork.
  • Hold the bottle and the lower end of the corkscrew together with one hand. With the other hand, turn the handle of the corkscrew.
  • Next, begin turning the handle of the corkscrew in a clockwise direction. At the same time, you need to apply pressure downwards on the corkscrew for it to get wound inside the cork.
  • You need to continue doing this until the corkscrew is completely inside the cork. At this time, the arms of the corkscrew will be raised completely.
  • Now, press both the arms of the corkscrew down. When you do this, the cork will be lifted out of the bottle.
  • The next step is to lift the corkscrew up and twist the cork off it.
  • Lastly, you should remove the foil completely and wipe the bottle rim before serving.
With a Shoe
Sometimes, you may not have a corkscrew handy. While effective, try not to use this method for formal occasions.
  • First, you need to cover the bottle with a towel.
  • Now hold the bottle firmly in one hand and tap the bottle with the heel of the shoe.
  • Next, place the base bottle on the heel of the shoe. i.e., the bottle should be vertical to the shoe.
  • Now hold the shoe in one hand (shoe should be horizontal against the wall) and the bottle, which is placed in the shoe, in the other hand.
  • In this manner, firmly hit the heel of the shoe on the wall. With each hit, the cork will become loose.
  • You should stop when the cork is halfway or nearly out. Next, remove the cork and enjoy the wine.
Twist Off Wine Cap
A wine bottle with a twist off cap is the easiest to open.
  • To make your task easier, you should remove any foil or paper on the bottle.
  • Hold the cap with one hand and the body of the bottle with your other hand, tightly.
  • Firmly twist the cap with force and the bottle will open.
Using a nail and a hammer is also another effective method. But use cautiously, as can be dangerous.
open wine bottle with corkscrew