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Easy DIY Tips on How to Remove Urine Smell from Mattresses

How to Remove Urine Smell from Mattresses
If you have a small baby or a pet, then chances are that you know something about removing the odor of urine from mattresses. Removing the stench and mark left behind becomes a tedious task, if not done in a proper way. But with a few ingredients and a little effort, you can successfully remove the odor and make your mattress fit for use.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
The odor of urine can be quite repulsive. If you have a small baby or a pet, then you've probably encountered this problem quite often. They may relieve themselves as per their convenience. Removing urine from surfaces, like a plain floor may not be a big problem. But, what happens if they wet the mattress or a carpet? Apart from causing stains, its pungent smell can be much more annoying.
Getting Rid of Urine Smell from Mattresses
Urine smell can be really offensive, especially, if it emanates from the mattress you sleep on. This problem is not totally avoidable if you have small babies and pets. One of the easiest solutions to eliminate urine smell from a mattress is to expose it to sunlight, after soaking up the urine with paper towels. However, this may not be possible, if the mattress is a huge one or if there is no way you can expose your mattress to strong sunlight.

You may seek professional help for cleaning the mattress and getting rid of the urine smell. This service may prove expensive for many. Another way out is to try commercial products meant for the same. If these methods are inconvenient for you, due to some reason, try the following tips.
blotting with paper towel
The first and foremost thing to do is to blot the urine with paper towels, as soon as possible. This is applicable for fresh urine stains. Never apply pressure while blotting, as the urine will seep deep into the mattress.
remove the bed sheets
In case of fresh urine stains, remove the bed sheets and mattress cover, before blotting the urine with paper towels or soft cloth. Once you are done with the mattress, you can wash the bed sheets and mattress cover with hot water mixed with a cup of white vinegar.
use carpet cleaner for cleaning the spots
Now, coming back to the mattress, the urine smell will linger on, even after soaking up the urine with paper towels. So, switch on the fan and open the windows of the room. The next step is to use a carpet cleaner to clean urine from the mattress. Gently scrub the spot with a soft brush and vacuum the fluids.
If you can, dry the mattress in the sun. Otherwise, let it air dry for at least a day. As the mattress gets completely dry, use an odor remover spray on the spot. This will remove the urine smell to some extent. If you still feel the smell, sprinkle some baking soda and remove it with the vacuum cleaner, after a few hours.
give steam vacuum to the affected area
To remove urine stench, use a few drops of detergent solution and scrub the spot with a soft brush. Vacuum the fluid and air dry the mattress. You may also use a hair dryer for this purpose. Now, sprinkle some medicated powder over the spot and vacuum it after a few hours.
baking soda for removing urine stench
Baking soda can also be used to eliminate urine smell from the mattress. All you have to do is to make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply this paste on the spot and top it with a few drops of distilled vinegar. Gently scrub the spot with a soft cloth, before using paper towels to soak the fluid. The next step is to apply a few drops of water and blot it up. Repeat this process, till the urine smell is removed completely.
There are various other home remedies like Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide.
Cornstarch is said to work wonders in removing urine smell. Cornstarch is sprinkled over the spot and is topped with a few drops of water. After a few minutes, cornstarch is removed, before blotting the spot with paper towels. Steam cleaning the mattress is one of the solutions for removing the urine smell as well as the stains.
You may also use commercial cleaning products that are meant for removing urine smells. Make sure to go through the manufacturer's (of the mattress) instructions, before trying these solutions. If you think that you cannot do this task on your own, contact some professionals.
Now that you know how to get rid of urine smell from mattresses, you may try any of these methods. Whatever method you choose, make sure that the mattress is completely dry before you use it.