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Maintenance and Care Tips for Seagrass Furniture

Maintenance and Care Tips for Seagrass Furniture
Seagrass are plants that live in the continental shelf of sea coasts across the world. The dried plants make very attractive furniture, which can last for many years if proper care and maintenance is undertaken. Let us now look at these seagrass furniture care tips and procedures in detail.
Anuj Mudaliar
Did You Know?
Majority of the seagrass furniture is made from perennial ocean reeds that are exported from China. The furniture is woven either by machine or hand, while the plants are still green. On drying, the furniture loses its green color, and the reeds become rigid, making the furniture firm and ready for use.

Seagrass has gained popularity as a furniture making material in the past few decades. The reed's tough, shiny, smooth exterior makes it resistant to stains and is very easy to maintain. Initially created for indoor use, it is now popular outdoor furniture for patios and decks. Besides, there is a wide variety of furnishings available, such as beds, chairs, tables, sofas, etc. Even though maintenance is easy, improper care and use can reduce the life and durability of the furniture. We shall now learn how to clean, maintain, paint, stain, and keep it in good shape for years to come.
Seagrass Furniture Maintenance Tips
  • Despite being a plant of the sea, dried seagrass cannot tolerate extended spells of heavy moisture or rain, usually ending in rot. For this purpose, always keep the furniture indoors, and if you must take them outside, protect them from rain and rough weather. Make sure you drain the furniture well by tilting them from side to side in case they are exposed to rain, or if you needed to wash it.
  • For day-to-day cleaning, dry wipe the seagrass furniture with a soft cloth along the rows of grass. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the dirt accumulated between the weave.
  • Seagrass furniture is weak compared to wood or metal furniture. Hence, never stand or kneel on them. When children are around, they need to be supervised so that they don't use the furniture in a rough manner.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight fades the color of seagrass. Keeping the furniture away from direct sunlight and using a good varnish will keep the colors from fading.
  • It is best to get all repair and restoration work done by a professional. However, if you are doing it yourself, make sure all the weaves are of the same tightness. Bad joints have to be replaced, while discolorations can be fixed with a coat of paint. Coverings and cushions help to protect the furniture.
  • If you find that a liquid has spilled on the furniture, immediately use paper tissues to blot out the liquid and prevent staining. Always place your seagrass furniture in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid using enclosed rubber shoes to the feet of chairs and tables as any water accumulated in the shoes can lead to rotting.
  • Get the furniture treated for borer as soon as you bring it home, to protect it from such pests

How to Paint Seagrass Furniture
  1. Decide your design, and use a stencil to sketch out the pattern on the furniture.
  2. Use water-based, self-sealing paint or spray paint to create the design you desire.
  3. Use paper to cover the areas of the furniture or vulnerable places in the room that you don't want to paint.
  4. Let the paint dry overnight and the job is done.
  5. This process is a better alternative to staining, because seagrass does not usually take to staining very well, and may spoil the overall effect, unless the seagrass is stained before it is turned into furniture.

Refinishing and Restoring Seagrass Furniture

Restoration work needs to be done regularly for seagrass furniture as the reeds start to unravel quickly once a strand becomes loose or is lost. However, reweaving seagrass is not very easy and requires a lot of practice. If you know how to get the job done, DIY kits are available in large stores in your locality. These may also come with instructions to get the best results. After a refinishing job, it is a good idea to use hemp or some kind of furniture oil to wipe the furniture. Leave the oil to dry for a few days, and the furniture will be ready for use.
With the above tips in mind you can ensure that your seagrass furniture lasts for years without any loss to its beauty. It is bound to become an eye-stealer for guests visiting your home.