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Is Nuwave Oven a Scam?

Is Nuwave Oven a Scam? Read to Know the Reality of This Product

If you have faced any problem in transactions while buying the Nuwave Oven online, perhaps you have already decided that it is a scam. The article below will discuss the Nuwave oven and the debate of whether it is a scam or no.
Kundan Pandey
Owing to the convenience of online transactions, the possibility of financial frauds has increased drastically. Nuwave Oven is a home appliance product that has come under the scanner of critics and customers. The biggest buzz among consumers is that it is a scam. When we observe the large number of consumer complaints on the internet, we tend to think that it is probably a scam. On the other hand, when we come across an honest review, we realize that not all is negative about these ovens. This has created two groups of people, one who're supporters of Nuwave Oven, and the rest, who term the same to be a fraudulent product.
What is Nuwave Oven?
Nuwave Oven, as it is advertised, is an infrared patented cooking oven that helps you to cook food 50% faster than conventional ovens and even consumes 85% less electricity. It also has various cooking features - it doesn't generate smoke, cooks from frozen food without preheating requirement, etc. The radiant heat penetrates the food, and it cooks all the parts. Nevertheless, owing to some Nuwave Oven problems, people have inclined to categorize it as one of the internet scams, which is still a debated topic.
Is it a Scam?
Consider these two Nuwave Oven complaints by its customers.
  • I ordered a Nuwave Oven and even after 5 minutes of its purchase, they didn't allow me to cancel my order. I tried to cancel my order because my husband had already picked up another oven from a nearby shop. Later, I tried to contact their customer service number but the order was not canceled. And besides their claim of fast delivery, I got the Nuwave Oven after 24 days. I doubt about the legitimacy of this product. Nevertheless, I haven't encountered problems in operating it so far. ~ Mary, California
  • I'm irritated and frustrated by such a bad deal. The Nuwave Oven has been completely different from what it has been advertised. I've been facing problems in cooking more food and half the food remains uncooked. Getting no response from their customer service, I've tried to get it fixed in a kitchen appliance repair shop. I don't think it was worth the money. ~ Stephen, Ohio
Well, after reading the above two complaints, it becomes evident that there are definitely some Nuwave Oven problems. While billing problems and delivery delays can be possible due to some management faults, problems in the working of Nuwave Oven products is an issue that needs to be given a serious thought.
Some of the problems that people have complained about are that there is very less cooking area. Now this problem can be resolved by buying extender ring that has the ability to increase the food cooking area by 50%. But then consumers crib that why do they have to spend some more money on buying extenders? Another complaint that is commonly heard about Nuwave Oven is that the suggested cooking times are very different while actually cooking the food unlike what is mentioned in the brochure.
Many people have encountered severe problems in transactions and billing. While one can say that consumers can buy Nuwave Oven from some other websites and not through the official website, if they're facing problems in transactions, there seems to be difficulty in analyzing that how a website selling its core product cannot rectify its website problems.
The manufactures and sellers have to ensure that they're accountable to consumers, else lack of accountability is not an appreciated virtue in market. And it is not surprising that people have started calling it to be a scam.