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Paper Wasp Nest Removal

Paper Wasp Nest Removal
Removing a paper wasp nest is not a difficult job, but you have to be careful while dealing with this problem. Take a look at some useful information here that will be of immense help to you.
Aparna Jadhav
Paper wasps are known to build water-resistant nests made out of brown and gray papery material. They make this material by gathering fibers from dead pieces of wood and plant stems, and mix them with their saliva. They build their nests on tree trunks and any other strong bases which they find, and sometimes these are found indoors as well. There are various types of wasps; some are considered beneficial, while most are harmful. They are not very aggressive in nature, but are still wasps, thus can sting. Since they usually build their nests in areas which are secluded and quiet, sometimes, it so happens to be inside unused rooms and under porches. You can't afford to have wasps living indoors.
Removal of a nest can be an intimidating, yet easy task, if it is done skillfully. If there is a nest inside the house, or in the garden close to the house, you have to be very careful while removing it, as a wasp sting can be deadly. Since they are less aggressive, out of all the types of wasps, like yellowjackets and hornets, paper wasps are the easiest to get rid of. It is particularly advised that these nests should be removed at night when the insects are sluggish and slow.
Using Pesticides
Once you locate a paper wasp nest, this is the easiest method to get rid of it. Purchase a strong wasp poison, like the 'wasp freeze', and pour it into a wasp spray. If the nest is at a height, make sure you are completely covered when you approach it with the poison. The reason you should spray the poison at night is because the insects are inactive, and most of the population would be present in the wasp. The pesticides make sure the wasps are frozen to death and killed instantly, and there is no mess, since it is very strong. Once all the wasps are dead, you can easily remove the nest and discard it.
Removing it Manually
If the wasps are preferably on a lower level and can be removed by hand, you have to make sure you are covered and fully protected. As mentioned earlier, these wasps are not very aggressive, but if they sting repeatedly, it is fatal. There are chances you could be stung if you are going to remove the nest by hand. Once you are prepared, slip a cloth bag over the entire nest and seal it off quickly, detaching it from the surface. Place the nest in water and make sure it submerges for several days till all the insects die. If there is a nest in the house, do not, at any cost burn it. This is because, when these insects come in contact with heat or fire, they become extremely aggressive and randomly fly around activating their venom.
Once you have removed the nest, you can ensure that they are not built again. For prevention, there are insecticide sprays that are available in the market. These insecticides are specially designed for long-term protection against these pests, and are also safe for children and pets. Spraying it once a month soon after the nest is removed is a good idea. After a few months, you could spray it 2 to 4 times a year. Also use these in prone areas like eaves, window sills, porches, and attics.
With these alternatives, you can easily get rid of these pests and prevent them from returning too. So, make the right choice and protect your home from paper wasps.
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