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Read These Portable Dishwasher Reviews and Choose As Per Your Need

Portable Dishwasher Reviews
Perusing through some portable dishwasher reviews before purchasing one is a wise decision. This will make you well-versed with the existing brands and will also make you aware of the pros and cons of each type.
Priya Johnson
Dishwashers are electric appliances that have been used to clean soiled dishes for decades together. However, the inbuilt dishwashers require a lot of space. This is where the portable dishwasher acts as a savior. Portable dishwashers, as the name suggests, are portable and are perfect, for those living in condos and apartments with space constraints. Moreover, they are also perfect for kitchens that are not modeled to include an inbuilt dishwasher.

There are two kinds of dishwashers available in the market: Standalone portable dishwashers and the countertop type. However, in this article we will only look at reviews of the standalone type. These portable standalone dishwashers come in different sizes, with a width of 24" and 18". The height and depth will again vary from model to model. These sleek portables are perfect for two people, however, can work efficiently for a family of four as well.

There is no such 'perfect dishwasher' in the market. Each model has its pros and cons and while one model works great for one person, another may encounter various problems with the same model. You have to weigh the pros and cons and then narrow down on the dishwasher you want to purchase.

Danby DDW1899WP Portable Dishwasher
Silverware basket
Casters for portability
6 wash cycles
8 place settings
Built-in water softener system
Price: $469
Washes dishes and glass very well (even in the short rinse cycle).
Pre-rinsing is not mandatory.
Uses less water
Not noisy
Fits a good number of dishes compared to its size
Perfect for small kitchens with space constraints.
Instructions manual not very helpful.
Directions regarding water softener and salt absent.
Power cord and hose difficult to handle.
Regular cycle takes too long (2 hrs).
Drying mechanism is not very efficient.
Often damaged during transit.
Can't use the sink while it's running (2-2.5 hrs lost).

SPT 18-Inch Portable Dishwasher
Silverware basket
Faucet adapter included
Delay button present (can be delayed for 1-24 hrs)
8 place settings
Durable stainless steel interior
Price: $499

Sleek and stylish
Washes dishes efficiently.
Uses less water
Water hose and power cord have a compartment for storage.
Not noisy
The delay option enables one to delay the wash cycle by 1-24 hrs.
Has more dish washing capacity as compared to other 18 inch dishwashers.
Takes up less space in the kitchen as compared to other 18 inch dishwashers.
Rarely damaged during transit. Packing is done extremely well.

Long (2hr) regular wash cycles
Power cord and hose may need extensions.

GE 24" Convertible Portable Dishwasher GLC5604VWW
Silverware basket with high pressure spray jet
Dual water filtration system
Hot start option for preheating water for washing
16 place settings
8 Touch tap controls
Laminate top
Steam prewash
4 wash cycles
Delay Start 2-4--8 hours.
Price: $749

Easy to move around.
Washes dishes well (especially steam cycle).
Heat dry option is present for drying the dishes.
The CleanSensor technology of GE, ensures efficient cleaning of dishes, which adjusts the temperature levels of water according to the level of dirty dishes.
Can accommodate large number of dishes.

Pre-rinsing is required.
Not very quiet
Cannot place large dishes in front of the dispenser (lower rack), because it disrupts its emptying.
Casters don't move well.
Sides are white.

Frigidaire - 18" Portable Dishwasher FFPD1821MB
Silverware basket
10 place settings
4 wash levels
6 wash cycles
Delay start feature 1-3 HOURS
High temperature wash
Stainless steel interior
China/Crystal Cycle
UltraQuiet 3 sound package
Air dry option
Price: $699.99

Washes dishes efficiently
Dries dishes well with its air dry option (saves energy as well).
Easy to move around the kitchen.
The China/Crystal cycle washes delicate glassware with less water pressure.
Ultra quiet system reduces noise levels.

Not exactly 18 inches. Takes up 20 inches space.
Particle board top is not durable. Not moisture resistant.
Requires pre-rinsing as it lacks food disposal system.

Bosch SPE5ES55UC 500 Series 18" Dishwasher
Silverware basket
9 Place Setting
ActiveTab Tray
Stainless Steel EuroTub
Delay start option (24 hr delay)
Rinse cycle option
4 wash cycles
Price: $809.00-$899.99

Washes dishes efficiently
Extremely quiet
The ActiveTab Tray feature provides better detergent dissolving.
Displays amount of time left to complete the wash.
The rinse cycle option eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes.
Accommodates more dishes for its capacity.
Stylish design

Expensive for an 18 inch dishwasher.

Although each dishwasher has its own drawbacks, owning a dishwasher is certainly helpful. They take care of the dirty pile of dishes, instead of you having to scrub them manually!