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10 Types of Envelopes You Really Need to Know About

Types of Envelopes
In spite of the technological developments, printed or handwritten documents and letters placed in an envelope play an important role in the business world. It is important to choose the right kind of envelope for every mailing purpose. Here is an insight about the types of envelopes available and the purpose they meet.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
The other day one of my office colleague was supposed to resign as she was opting to study further. So, I helped her with all the entire resignation procedure. She had to give a resignation application to the CEO of the company. Now, she typed the resignation letter and according to the normal norms, three folded it and came to me to ask for an envelope. It is not my hobby to stag envelopes, so obviously I didn't have one.
However, placing the letter in the envelope before submitting it was important and protocols have to be followed! So, we rushed to the stationery store nearby to get envelopes and I was surprised by the display envelopes. Whoa! Didn't know about these envelopes and the purpose they meet. At that time we had to rush so we picked the wallet envelope and submitted the letter.

But, I was curious to know all about them. We usually neglect these small things, but I realized that envelopes play a very important role in the mailing process. They not just act as a packing tool but also provides the recipient an impression of the content inside. The envelope will decide whether the recipient will open it first or last. A clean, neat and an apt envelope will definitely tempt the recipient to open it first and read the content in it. So, I found about the types of envelopes and the purpose each one of them serve, which I am going to be sharing with you. Click on any envelope picture below to read its respective description.
Envelope Types Guide
Air Mail Envelopes
Air mail envelope
If you have to send some important mails overseas, quickly, it is usually transported by an aircraft. However, did you know there are these special type of envelopes used to transport your mails, they are called air mail envelopes. There are a lot of people who use this medium of communication, as it is typically faster than surface mail. Since, you have to maintain uniformity, air mail envelopes (which have a specific pattern) are used for sending mails overseas.
Disc Envelopes
Disc envelope
Whether you want to pack CD or DVD's, disc envelopes are a great choice. They are either made of plastic or paper. Disc envelopes have a standard size, which accommodates the disc correctly. A cut hole in the front side of the envelope (which is covered with transparent plastic) enables one to see the CD within. Usually these type of envelopes have an adhesive strip for sealing it quickly.
Window Envelopes
Window envelope
Window envelopes are used for bills and official purposes. As the name suggests, the envelope has a cut hole in the front side of the envelope, which allows the recipient to see the paper within. The paper within is arranged in such a way that it eliminates the need to write the address. Usually there is only one window, however in some cases, you have two windows. Such envelopes are used in case of mailing checks or invoices. A transparent plastic is used as the window material. These envelopes are environmental friendly, hence used on a wide scale.
Square Envelopes
Square envelope
Do I really need to tell you about them, they are just as their name suggests, exactly square! This style is more popular when it comes to sending invitations for social events and parties. Square envelopes have distinctive flaps, which are treated with adhesive paste to seal the envelope. They are also used to parcel small delicate items; however, such square envelopes have a padding or cushion inside to hold the item.
Booklet Envelopes
Booklet envelope
Booklet envelopes have a flap along its length. These are ideally used when you have to send photos, statements, brochures or booklets, which can be inserted in, without folding. And of course the flap is used to seal the envelope. The sizes of these envelopes vary, while the various colors actually justify the purpose of using the booklet envelope. You can also get booklet envelopes printed or plain.
Announcement Envelopes
Announcement envelope
Announcement envelopes are usually used for informal invitations, greeting cards, brochures and small booklets. They come in all colors and designs. Often they are custom designed and decorated as per the requirements of the occasion. Of course such envelopes can be designed on textured or printed with colorful inks.
Banker Envelopes
Banker envelope
Banker envelopes are the most commonly used envelope styles. They have triangular flaps and are used in the greeting card industry or, for personal letters and cards. They are also used for interoffice communication. If you ask for a regular envelope at the stationery shop, the shop manager might handover this type of envelope. They come in all colors and different sizes. White is generally used for office use and the other colors for greeting cards and invitations.
Wallet Envelopes
Wallet envelope
Wallet envelopes derive their name from the very fact that they resemble a wallet design. They are commonly used in automatic mailing machines. The trapezoidal straight flaps facilitate for automatic insertion. The type of envelope used tends to leave a good impression on the mailing recipients, thus maximizing the power of this packing tool. Wallet envelopes are used to send out direct mails and other forms of correspondence.
Pocket Envelopes
Pocket envelope
Pocket envelopes are smaller than the usual ones. However, there are many variations to this type, the smaller ones may look similar to the banker envelopes whereas the long envelopes have their opening flaps positioned on the short edge, giving enough room for the papers inside. Pocket envelopes can be used to store or mail receipts, coupons, passports, traveler's checks or photos.
Catalog Envelopes
Catalog envelope
A catalog envelopes are not only used for mailing, but also for storing insurance policies, resumes, wills, magazines, reports and catalogs, that usually should not be folded. This type of envelope opens like a normal book and allows a full-view of the documents inside. The dimensions of these type of envelopes depend upon the thickness and size of the enclosures placed inside.
Be it personal or business, you constantly need to send out things, documents and invites. It is always good to know about the different styles of envelopes available and the purpose they serve.