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Easy Home Remedies for Wallpaper Removal

Easy Home Remedies for Wallpaper Removal
Stripping off wallpaper isn't too difficult, and you can actually do it yourself by making use of some simple techniques. This HomeQuicks post tells you more.
Girija Shinde
Before actually starting with the wallpaper removing procedure, you need to take care of a few simple, but necessary things to prevent damage to the furniture. Spread sheets of paper on the floor or carpet, as the substances used to remove wallpaper (like vinegar) might spoil the flooring, especially if it is made of wood. It is also necessary to cover the furniture, or if possible, shift the furniture to another room to avoid any stains. Also, shut the main electricity connection to avoid passing of current through the main switch, as it can cause a short circuit.
Ways to Remove Wallpaper using Home Remedies
Remedy 1: Hot Water
Hot water is used to remove almost all kinds of stains. Similarly, it is also useful for removing a wallpaper. Plus, it doesn't cause any harm to the walls, as the water is not to be splashed, but just sprayed.

Things Needed:
Boiling water, spray bottle, scraper, sponge.
Procedure: Tear up the first layer of wallpaper, so that the water can seep inside. Put the water in a spray bottle. A garden sprayer or a wallpaper removal steamer can be used for this. Spray the hot water on the wallpaper. Wet the entire area, but do not spray excessively, otherwise the water may drip on the floor. When the wallpaper is soaking in water, wait for at least thirty minutes, and then start scraping off the paper. It will be easy if you scrape the wallpaper part by part.
Remedy 2: Fabric Softener
Fabric softener works well on very old as well as new wallpapers. It loosens the glue and softens the paper, which makes it very easy to remove.

Things Needed: Fabric softener, sprayer, scraper, drop cloth.
Procedure: Add about twenty percent of fabric softener to water in a sprayer. Spray only on a small portion, because if the solution dries up, all the efforts go down the drain. Leave the solution for more than twenty minutes to penetrate through the paper. For very old wallpapers, leave the fabric softener for about thirty minutes. After the water soaks in the wallpaper, start scraping. Use a drop cloth for the remaining shreds. It will take you hardly fifteen minutes to remove the entire wallpaper using a fabric softener.
Remedy 3: Vinegar
Vinegar is an acid which helps the adhesive to soften, making the process easier.

Things Needed: Vinegar, water, spray bottle, scraper, sponge.

Procedure: Take equal amounts of vinegar and water, and put the solution in a spray bottle. Leave the solution on the wall for at least twenty minutes, and then start scraping. Wipe away the left over pieces with the help of a mop. It will be easy if you pull out the first layer of wallpaper before spraying the solution.
All the above remedies are sure to work, but if they don't, try ammonia with hot water, followed by the same procedure as vinegar, as this is also an effective wallpaper removal home remedy.
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