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What is Worsted Wool and How Different is it from Wool Yarn?

What is Worsted Wool?
Isn't the fabric that holds on to the creases perfectly and becomes shiny with use will do wonders for your suit? If you are looking for such a fabric that is comfortable and durable, then opt for worsted wool. What is worsted wool, you ask? HomeQuicks comes forward to explain the same.
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Jun 2, 2018
Did You Know?
The name worsted is derived from a village in the English county of Norfolk, UK, bearing the same name. It was a manufacturing hub of yarn and clothing in the 12th century after weavers from Flanders relocated there.
For so many centuries, we have worn wool to keep us cozy in the winters. Every time the cold season starts, shops are filled with special winter woolen clothes. These winter clothes are usually never thought of as a fashion statement, but as a mere necessity to keep ourselves warm. However, worsted wool garments have changed the way people look at winter clothing.
What Exactly is Worsted Wool?
Woolen carpet
Earlier, only the staple wool collected from various fleeces were used to make worsted. However, several other fibers like bamboo, merino, etc., are used with staple wool.

These fibers have to go under the carding process, which detangles, straightens out, and cleans them. Then, the fibers are laid parallel with gilling machines.

To keep all fibers of the same length, they are combed. This process separates all the shorter and coarser fibers from the long-length fibers.

After combing, the fibers are tightly twisted in one direction with the help of either Wool Top or Roving machines. Spinning the fibers in one direction tightens the twist, making the worsted long-lasting.

The worsted yarn created with this process is used to make worsted fabric. With either twill or plain weave, worsted fabric is used for clothing, carpets, etc.

To help you understand worsted better, let us take a look at the comparison of worsted yarn and wool yarn.
Worsted Yarn Vs. Wool Yarn
In worsted yarn, fibers of the same length run and overlap parallel to each other without leaving any space in between them.
In wool yarn, fibers are of different lengths, which overlap each other from various directions and angles. This leaves spaces between the fibers.

While preparing worsted, the fibers are carded as well as combed to take out fibers of smaller length.
With wool, the fibers are only carded.

Air Gaps
Worsted has a tight twist that leaves no air gaps.
The varying length of fibers leaves air gaps in the wool.

The presence of air gaps makes worsted yarn stronger than wool yarn.
Wool yarn is weaker in strength compared to worsted yarn due to the presence of air pockets.

It has more closely woven patterns.
It has no such apparent patterns.

Worsted has a smooth and fine finish.
The air spaces give a lofty and bulky feel to the wool.

It is firm and coarse to touch.
It is soft to touch.

It is used especially for tailored suits and other clothing items.
It is mainly used for sweaters and blankets.
What Exactly is Worsted Wool?
Do not wear the wool garment immediately after using it once. This is so that you give the fabric some breathing period to release the wrinkles and get back into its previous shape.

Do not wash the worsted garment vigorously. The chances of tear in such fabrics are higher.
Drying wool sweater
After washing, it is best to let it air dry. Avoid drying the clothes in a dryer, otherwise it might deform your garments.

In case of stains, rinse the clothing immediately with cold water.

If you do not want to use the garment for some time, clean it before storing it. It will help you avoid the odor that you usually get from clothes after a long storage period.