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Here's How to Effectively Clean and Maintain a Chocolate Fountain

How to Clean and Maintain a Chocolate Fountain
Just as a chocolate fountain is an irresistible treat both for the eyes and the taste buds, it's a gooey mess to clean up post the party. I can already hear voices screaming, it's not my turn to do the dishes and specially not the chocolate fountain. We aim to give you a simplified version of cleaning the fountain to keep it ready for the next party.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Owning a chocolate fountain is fun as long as the fountain is overflowing with chocolate and people are having a gala time dipping into it. After the last guest has departed and you are with your chocolate fountain all alone, there is nothing more annoying than having to clean things up. But then you are left with no valid option, than to clean up the mess, as well as the fountain as soon as you possibly can.
These simple steps will help you clean and maintain your chocolate fountain in the best possible condition.
How to Clean a Chocolate Fountain
Dealing with liquid chocolate is indeed a messy job; forget liquid chocolate, even regular chocolate can be a messy affair. Cleaning up after a party doesn't seem to offer an interesting prospective; yet you can't leave it either, for you might wake up to unwanted guests (pests) the next day. It's best to clean up while the chocolate is still in the liquid form.
Things to Get Started
★ Plastic Container

★ Spatula

★ Plastic Gloves

★ Hot Water

★ Soap Solution

★ Sponge

★ Disposable Carry Bags
Process of Cleaning
Look to your left for the things used to do the cleaning, and once you have everything in hand, you can begin cleaning the chocolate fountain.
Chocolate fountain
Step 1: Begin by draining out all the excess chocolate from the fountain. You can either store the chocolate in a container or dispose off the remainder. Do not run the chocolate fudge down the drain as it may result in clogging of the drain pipe. If you find crumbs and bits of fruits, it is advisable to dispose off the chocolate as it would be unfit for consumption. If you find a few hardened lumps of chocolate, it is advisable to run the fountain for some time, till it melts or you can try your hair dryer to heat things up faster. Either way, ensure all the liquid chocolate is out of the fountain.
Step 2: Once you have got rid of all the excess chocolate, fill the basin with a jug full of warm water and run the fountain for a few minutes. This will ensure the removal of all the chocolate residue. Drain the water from the basin and dismantle the fountain. Your fountain will disassemble into four parts: auger tube, auger, bowl tiers, and the basin/ base. All the parts of the fountain except the basin, are dishwasher-friendly and can be stacked into it for a quick wash. You can do it manually as well, if you have time and energy that is.
Step 3: Using a sponge and some warm soapy solution, get to washing the basin. Take precaution while washing though, as any water percolating to the machine area could lead to a possible short circuit, thus hampering the working of the fountain. Be sure to check for any residue in and around the basin area, and if needed, wipe again with a wet sponge. Allow it to dry completely before you stack it away. It is advisable to leave the basin with some warm water to get rid of all stickiness, before you get to actually washing it.
Step 4: Check the auger tube once it is out of the dishwasher for any residue; if you still find some, soak it in some warm soapy solution for a few hours and rinse off, under running water. Once you are done with the washing, dry and pack it off in a dry and ventilated place. Keep away from moisture as it can damage the fountain.
Time Factor
Many of you must be wondering if this will take you a long time to complete, isn't it? Trust me, the entire process of washing will hardly take you a couple of minutes. Ensure that the water you use is not just warm but hot; hot water will work faster and leave you with lesser tension as it removes all possible grime and residue in minutes. As mentioned earlier, you can fill the basin with warm water and run it for a few minutes while you get the other stuff cleared up.
Being a chocolate lover, I simply can't think of wasting precious chocolate. Instead of throwing out the chocolate, store the chocolate in jars and make a variety of dishes your kids will thank you for. Try out the chocolate sandwich or the chocolate toast for breakfast. You can also fill your ice trays with the chocolate and have chocolate cubes. Besides, you can even try out a chocolate milkshake. Only remember to use it as soon as possible and before that, do remove all the fruit bits that might have dropped into the fountain during the party. By the way, do not forget to clean it even though you love chocolate and find it hard to part with it. Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of your chocolate fountain will ensure the smooth running and optimum use of your chocolate fountain.